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Equip your teams with an impactful circular tool

Develop circular business models using the Circular Canvas.

Reduce negative impacts, enhance resilience, and learn to create profitable, resilient, and sustainable services, products, and business models by applying circular economy principles

Circular Economy courses
  • 2 Formats : on-site & on-line

  • 15 hours online or Bootcamp format

  • Unlock the potential of the Circular Canvas tool

Get operational now

Start to transform your organization

Develop circular business models

A program created by Justine Laurent, Brieuc Saffré & Fabrice Sorin
Managing Director, Co-Founder of Circulab and Circulab Academy Manager 

Carbon assessments, certification processes or team building activities – you have already opened several fronts to raise awareness and train members of your organization on the absolute necessity to transition towards more sustainable and regenerative models. Unfortunately, after a few brief moments of enthusiasm, things quickly return to business as usual, and the lack of a clearly defined working methodology hinders projects from emerging. To your regret, you find yourself standing still.

Adding to this, every week one of your team members presents a new training or seminar that is deemed indispensable for them to attend. You struggle to capitalize on the seeds of change you sowed during the initial awareness sessions.

"Do you know this business model? It's at least 10 times more profitable and represents 30 times less carbon footprint." If you haven't encountered it yet, you're in the right place!

15 hours. That's the time you'll have to master the Circular Canvas, a tool designed to create profitable, circular, and resilient business models (like the one I just mentioned).

As a bonus, you'll gain a precise and recognized methodology to drive your organization's transition towards a circular and regenerative economy

About the program

The workshop / bootcamp format enables a team of 4 to 20 people to grasp the fundamentals of systemic thinking to be able to adopt our Circular Canvas and apply it to their organization's business system.

This team will now be able to take action by creating a circular, profitable, and sustainable business model (or by adapting an existing business model).

You can also access to the 100% online format and attend the 15 hours of the program at your own pace.


Purchasing Manager - Retail sector

"A fun tool, open to all, that poses concrete problems and finds solutions through collective intelligence".


Innovation Manager - Transport sector

"Intense and fascinating! A course that opens up new horizons and which I hope to be able to take advantage of professionally in the near future."


Human Resources Manager - Tourism Sector

"A powerful tool for strengthening the resilience of projects and taking commitments further: think circular economy as soon as possible."


Educational Objectives of the program

Design Circular Business Models course
  • Understanding systemic thinking

  • Defining a business ecosystem and its situation

  • Knowing how to design a desired system

  • Translating strategic choices into positive and negative impacts

  • Using the Circular Canvas tool

  • Creating a resilient, profitable, and sustainable business model by applying the principles of the circular economy


Meet the trainers

Brieuc Saffre circulab

Brieuc Saffré is a specialist in circular economy and innovation, particularly in transforming economic models. He co-founded Circulab in 2012, advising large corporations (Salomon, IKEA, Lancôme) and regional SMEs.

He frequently speaks at prestigious institutions (HEC, Polytechnique, ESSEC) and has authored several books, including 'Activate the Circular Economy



Justine Laurent circulab

Ranked among the top 50 personalities in CSR by the Cercle de Giverny, Justine Laurent is the CEO of Circulab, overseeing a community of 80 experts in 40 countries.

She co-developed the Circulab method and applies it daily, working with clients such as the City of Paris or Labeyrie. She also coordinates the educational content for the ESSEC Circular Economy Chair.



fabrice sorin

Holding an MBA in Circular Economy from the University of Bradford (UK), Fabrice is a trainer and speaker specialized in this field. With a diverse background in sales, procurement, operations, and strategy within multinational corporations, he has a deep understanding of the challenges and constraints faced by businesses.

Drawing on this experience and his knowledge of the circular economy, he identifies opportunities for companies across various sectors



Online or Onsite : You decide

We shape our contents according to your challenge

We tailor our workshops to address your specific challenges and the uniqueness of your socio-economic context

Develop circular business models - 100% online and workshop format

With this training and the Circular Canvas, design the products and services of tomorrow by integrating the levers and benefits of the circular economy.

  • Learn to design a circular business model to adapt your organization's current business model.

  • Online format: 15 hours of content designed to adapt to your own learning pace.

  • Practical course: videos, quizzes, circular business model modeling exercises on our dedicated tool.

  • Enjoy free access to the Circular Canvas tool and manual, supported by guidance from a Circulab team member.

  • Q&A Session: 1 live videoconference Q&A session (Zoom) with a specialist from our team. Fixed-date sessions every 4 weeks (duration: 60 minutes)

  • Circulab Catalyst Training Certificate.

  • Access to 100% of the content for 365 days.

  • Access to the training, resources, and a dedicated online forum for 1 year.

More information

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Last update 21/11/2023

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