Give a powerful circular tool to my students

Empower your students with the keys to circularity by teaching them systems thinking and how to use the Circular Canvas

Circular Economy courses
  • Personalised training

  • Interactive content

  • Use the Circular Canvas tool

A circular tool for your student

Student Impact Workshop: Customizable Format for Circular Economy Training

A relevant and playful tool to provide your students with a concrete approach to the circular economy

Learn how to design circular business models

Trainers : Justine Laurent, Brieuc Saffré & Fabrice Sorin
Managing Director, Co-founder of Circulab and Circulab Academy Manager 

Sensitize your students to the need for transforming business models by emphasizing that '80% of a product's environmental impacts are determined during the design stage' as per the European Commission.  While you recognize that there is still time for necessary changes to live in a sustainable world, you sense a need for a more impactful approach.

You've delved into the benefits of the circular and regenerative economy and are contemplating the best way to present these concepts to your students. Feeling the pressure of high expectations, you understand that they have already begun equipping themselves. Your goal is to instill in them the necessity of moving away from linear economic models.

However, most of the content you encounter seems neither concrete nor comprehensive enough, raising concerns about your students' engagement.

Clearly identifying your need, you seek a methodology to convince both your students and their superiors of the validity of your arguments.

You are familiar with the claim that 'some economic models can be 10 times more profitable and generate 30 times fewer negative impacts.' Do your students share this knowledge? If not, our paths have crossed for a good reason.

In this action-oriented training, a blend of workshop and master class in a customizable format, your students will learn to design profitable, circular, and resilient business models (similar to the one I just mentioned).

As a bonus, they will have the opportunity to master a precise and recognized methodology, enabling them to actively contribute to shaping the world of tomorrow.

About the course

In this 15-hour training, your students will grasp how to define and evaluate a business ecosystem. They will comprehend the fundamentals of systems thinking applied to your business ecosystem and will be able to articulate and translate strategic choices in design, procurement, and distribution into positive and negative impacts.

This training will provide them with the foundations of circular business design, taking into account natural and human ecosystems, and user needs to create truly sustainable and positively impactful business models.


Create the business models of Tomorrow

What your students will learn

Outil économie circulaire : Circular Canvas
  • Mastering Systemic Thinking

  • Defining a Business Ecosystem

  • Designing an Ideal System

  • dentifying the Positive and Negative Impacts of Each Strategic Decision

  • Standardizing the Use of the Circular Canvas

  • Modeling a Resilient, Profitable, and Sustainable Economic Model by Integrating the Foundations of the Circular Economy


Head of Education - Engineering school

"The interactive tool of the Circular Canvas, which is accessible to all, generated great enthusiasm among the students, who were able to put it into practice successfully"


Supply chain speaker - Master Logistique

"A rich, powerful and talent-federating programme in support of the circular economy!"


Permanent teacher - Business school

"High quality training for both students and teachers, I recommend it!"


Meet the trainers

Brieuc Saffre circulab

Brieuc Saffré, a consultant specializing in circular economy and innovation through business models, co-founded Circulab in 2012, a circular design agency collaborating with major players such as IKEA, L'Oréal, and Interface, as well as SMEs. As a consultant for these large companies, Brieuc has designed innovative tools such as the Value Chain Canvas and the Circular Business Model.

He has created several educational modules for various higher education institutions and shares his expertise as a regular speaker in renowned institutions such as Polytechnique, ESSEC, HEC, and ENSCI.

Brieuc is also the author of several works, including Activate the circular economy



Justine Laurent circulab

Justine Laurent is a change agent in the field of circular design, with 10 years of experience in topics related to the circular economy and business model design, particularly applied to training, facilitation, mentoring, and consulting.

She holds the position of General Manager at Circulab and oversees the Circulab community, a community of certified experts present in 19 countries.

As a consultant, she works for the City of Paris on reducing single-use plastics, for food companies on launching new circular offerings, and on improving the management of bulky waste, among other projects. She also assists entrepreneurs and SMEs in European projects.

In 2022, she was included in the top 50 personalities in CSR established by the Cercle de Giverny.



fabrice sorin

With 15 years of experience in multinational corporations, Fabrice Sorin is a graduate of the University of Bradford School of Management, where he earned an MBA in Innovation and Circular Economy with distinction.

His research and publications focus on the applicability and value creation potential of the circular economy in the context of service industries. Fabrice is particularly interested in new business models and resilience issues within economic actors.

He shares his analyses and knowledge through publications addressing topics related to the circular economy, service industries, the hospitality sector, and specific issues within the circular economy.



A committed educational program

Help your students to build a sustainable world

Create circular business models

Through this action-oriented training, your students will gain the skills needed to create resilient, profitable, and sustainable services, products, and business models by applying the principles of the circular and regenerative economy.

  • Teach your students how to create a circular business model to integrate into their future professional endeavors

  • Interactive exercice with our tool Circular Canvas

  • Your students will obtain the Circular Canvas and its user manual

  • Training completion certificate

Learn more about the course

You can download the Circular Canvas tool free of charge here.

At the end of the course, each participant will also receive the tool and its complete user guide.

For your students or teachers, we adapt the content and exercises to your needs and issues.

For example, EDHEC Business School wanted to train its Executive MBA participants in new business models. To find out more, read the full case study here.

Last update 21/11/2023

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