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Develop circular packaging solutions

With this new interactive training, learn to create sustainable and circular packaging solutions with Circular Economy principles.


Turn your packaging into a sustainable and co-petitive opportunity. Increase your packaging solutions resilience, unlock new revenue streams, regenerate ecosystems and create positive impacts through Circular packaging.

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Learn how to develop a circular packaging solution

Develop circular packaging solutions

A course led by Colienne Regout
Founder and CEO of Look4Loops

«Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed». Antoine Lavoisier

Are you struggling to choose the most sustainable packaging for your business? Do you wonder if a 'redesign reuse recover' strategy could catalyze your packaging impacts?

This training will help you screen your packaging solutions with a clear 360 degree view.

You will understand the ins and outs of your packaging impacts to match it with your business offer and business ecosystem. It is an all-in-one practical pack empowering you to choose efficiently and qualitatively what makes more sense for your business, our planet and its people.

  • Theme: Circular packaging

  • Course available now

  • 20-hour course, 4 weeks

  • Self-paced course

  • Language: English

  • 4 modules: videos, exercises, forum, live Q&A sessions

  • Level: Beginner-Intermediary

  • 1000 USD ex VAT

Online learning

Access the course online anytime and anywhere.


Enjoy interactive content and apply your learnings to your chosen project. Exchange with the tutor and other participants on the forum.


Enjoy interactive content and apply your learnings to your chosen project. Join a community and learn by connecting with your peers.


Involve your stakeholders and learn together through interactive assignments.


Develop Circular packaging solutions

Understand systems thinking

Understand packaging interdependencies

Packaging is an integral part of the production and consumption systems.

You will understand what to take into account to rethink packaging under a system thinking approach and following circular economy principles.

  • Connect packaging impacts to economic, social and environmental mega-trends

  • Master the core Circular Economy principles

  • Comprehend the Circular Economy applied to packaging

Evaluate a packaging project

Packaging interdependencies are numerous, but what does that mean for the value chain? How to identify and locate  the weak links and opportunities?

Using the Value Chain canvas, you will take a hollistic approach to gain a 360 degre view of a packaging journey. You will master a qualitative design tool transferable to your packaging projects.

  • Understand material flow leakages

  • Choose your packaging project

  • Learn how to use the Value Chain Canvas

Design courses
Download the Value Chain Canvas

Identify a packaging solution impacts

You will apply the methodology to your own packaging by investigating and mapping the resources needed at every stages of your packaging value chain. You will spot some opportunites and deploy the Circular packaging evaluation, scoping and scoring to a packaging solution. You will be able to evaluate the value of your packaging components taking into account their design aims as well as the business context. From this module until the end of this training, a fictive example will examplify what the analysis looks like to guide you at best.

  • Assess your own packaging resources

  • Gain a comprehensive overview

  • Evaluate your packaging impacts

Define and engage with your stakeholders' ecosystem

You will identify the key internal and external stakeholders to help you deploy your packaging solution.

  • Implement packaging arbitrage

  • Identify your key stakeholders

  • Optimize your partnerships

Partner Map


Meet the trainer

Businesses lead the way!
As a true believer, Colienne Regout makes you rethink your packaging so you can adapt to future markets and spot business opportunities. Colienne helps organizations to improve their economic, social, and ecological impacts in Europe and Canada by optimizing the use of their resources and designing out the concept of waste. She started with facilitating Corporate Social Responsibility and with implementing Sharing Economy initiatives. She helps businesses deploy the Circular Economy approach to close their production and consumption loops.
Colienne is the founder of Look4Loops. She hosts the ‘Unboxing Your Packaging’ podcast. Every two weeks, she interviews businesses that have adopted circular packaging solutions. She is a Circulab certified consultant since 2019.
Look4Loops helps your company optimize the use of your resources, design out waste and regenerate the ecosystems

At Look4Loops we put business models on circular tracks to empower their sustainable impact and generate new revenue streams by optimizing the use of resources and designing out waste.

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Develop Circular packaging solutions - Online Course

With this course, learn to deploy sustainable, competitive packaging solutions using Circular Economy principles.

  • 20 hours of training during 4 weeks to learn at your own pace

  • Hands-on course: videos, quizzes, interactive exercises on the Value Chain Canvas and Partner Map tools

  • Free access to the Value Chain canvas and Partner Map tools template and guide

  • Self-paced course

  • Available in English

  • Monthly 20 min collective Q&A session on Zoom

  • Course completion certificate

  • Access to all content anywhere, anytime in our online platform

  • 1 year access to a secured forum to exchange with the trainer and other participants

 1000 USD ex VAT

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