The Circulab Toolbox

Access design tools to build the circular economy

The circular economy requires our business ecosystems to consider all human and living systems. Taking action at the design phase under a systemic approach is the most efficient way to imagine and create sustainable business models, products, services and societies. Available in 7 languages, since 2014 the Circulab tools have been tested and approved by many economic actors all around the world.
With these free tools, learn to explore a context, map all the impacts of a business model, identify key stakeholders, and start generating circular and regenerative ideas.
  • Rethink your business model or projects

  • Redesign your products or services

  • Identify and involve all stakeholders

  • Measure and improve impacts

Free circular economy tools

Apply Circular Economy principles - step-by-step

Accelerate your circular economy transformation and deploy your circular roadmap with the Circulab tools. They will help you consider the big picture around your organization: the system. These easy to use, intuitive and collaborative tools will improve your awareness, change your mindset and allow you to create the solutions for a truly sustainable future.

The Circular Canvas

With the Circular Canvas, map your projects or your business models and their impacts, share information with stakeholders to create circular products or services.

The Partner Map

The Partner Map helps you identify all the stakeholders of an ecosystem for a specific challenge and allow you to create shared value.

The Value Chain Canvas

By considering the entire value chain of your business, you can investigate all the major parameters of your system to identify the most relevant economic, social and environmental issues.

The Biomimicards

Be inspired by the superpowers of living ecosystems. Design with the Biomimicards to learn about Biomimicry and create sustainable products and services.


For the past decade, we have been regularly publishing thematic presentations to help people understand the Circular Economy and related themes (purpose, design, regeneration...)

The Circular design toolkit

Learn about the connections between design and the regeneration of ecosystems to include Circular Economy principles into your projects and transform the way you do business.

More Resources

At Circulab, we seek to inform and share good news and practices about the transition to a truly circular economy. With our blog and podcast, read and listen to experts on circular economy and related subjects. 

master the tools with our online courses

Grasp the full potential of the tools

With our interactive online courses created by the circular economy experts of the academy, understand how to use the tools, develop your knowledge and skills to initiate real changes.

Design Circular Business Models

Our short course to learn how to design sustainable business models with the Circular Canvas.

Master Circular Design

Consolidate your skills with our flagship course. Master the entire circular design method to create  positive impact with the Circulab toolbox.

Design with Biomimicry

Build up your superpowers with our Biomimicry course. Find inspiration in nature to innovate for sustainability.

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Tools for Circular Economy

Rethink your business models, analyze your impacts on ecosystems, involve your stakeholders along the value chain... The Circulab design and strategy tools help the sustainable and regenerative transformation of organizations around the world. These tools are free and will help you apply systems thinking and circular economy principles to your organization.

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