Develop a Sustainable, Circular and Resilient Business

In a world where resources are becoming increasingly scarce and societal expectations are changing, companies need to change their business models and modify their decision-making criteria.
The course Developing a Sustainable, Circular and Resilient Business provides you with the tools, knowledge and strategies to make your business more resilient.

Circular Economy Design Event
  • Online format only

  • Follow at your own pace, with or without coaching

  • Operational tools

Improve your business resilience

Turn your constraints into opportunities

Develop a Sustainable, Circular and Resilient Business

A program created by Justine Laurent, Brieuc Saffré & Fabrice Sorin
Co-founder of Circulab, Managing Director and Circulab Academy Manager

Since the arrival of Covid 19, you've been faced with supply difficulties, sharp price variations and changes in legislation. You feel the need to change your operating processes, but you can't see how. Some of your colleagues are not yet fully aware of the issues at stake, so you find yourself stuck within your own company.

At the same time, your customers are becoming more demanding about your environmental commitment, but you don't know where to start. What to evaluate? What to measure? Who to involve? What to change? In short, where to start?

In this online training course, we give you the keys to transforming your constraints into opportunities - in other words, making your company sustainable.

4 distinct parts with practical exercises you can re-use to involve your teams.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at company directors, CSR, QHSE, Marketing, Innovations, R&D, Projects, Production, Procurement and Finance managers.


Designer @ Halogen

"I've learned so much, by having the time to reflect about circularity, design and complexity, and by working hands on with our practical case."


Project Manager in a Filipino organisation

"I loved it! This training program really helped me have a systemic mindset and I believe this is crucial for any manager to have especially if they want to be effective in their sustainability project/s."

Sallina T.

Project Manager @ Windward Commodities

"Circulab provided fantastic and practical tools and brought to life real examples for all levels of circular thinking."

Developing my Sustainable, Circular and Resilient Company

The objectives of the program

Design Circular Business Models course
  • Identify and explain the principles of corporate resilience

  • Assess a company's main vulnerabilities in relation to global limits

  • Demonstrate that sustainable company principles can improve a company's resilience

  • Building a new economic model that is more sober, efficient and resilient

Experienced trainers

Who are they?

Brieuc Saffre circulab

Brieuc Saffré co-founded Circulab in 2012, a project studio dedicated to the circular economy. He has worked with major players such as IKEA, L'Oréal and Interface, as well as SMEs. As a consultant to these major groups, Brieuc co-developed the Circulab method with tools such as the Value Chain Canvas and the Circular Business Model.

He has written several books, including Activating the Circular Economy. Alongside his consulting activities, Brieuc shares his expertise as a regular speaker at renowned institutions such as Polytechnique, ESSEC and ENSCI.



Justine Laurent circulab

As Managing Director of Circulab, Justine regularly works for leading industrial groups and institutions, such as Plastic Omnium Environnement and the City of Paris, Justine also co-developed the Circulab method.

Justine has been hosting the Radio Circulab podcast with Brieuc since 2018, where they talk to sustainable business leaders.

Alongside her activities at Circulab, she teaches courses at ENSCI and HEC. She is also in charge of teaching at ESSEC's Circular Economy Chair.



fabrice sorin

Fabrice Sorin is a seasoned professional with 15 years' experience in sales management, purchasing, strategy, transformation and business unit management in international organizations.

He holds an MBA in Circular Economy from Bradford University (UK), and regularly publishes on circular economy and service industry issues.

Fabrice is also regularly involved in training professionals from companies (L'Oréal, Orange, etc.) and institutions such as UNESCO and GIZ.



Online, stand-alone, asynchronous

Develop my own Sustainable, Circular and Resilient Enterprise

With the help of this training course, apply the principles of sustainable development to your company's advantage.

  • Turn your company's weaknesses into lasting opportunities

  • 15 hours of content designed to suit your own learning pace.

  • Practical training: videos, MCQs, business model exercises on a dedicated, ready-to-use tool

  • Circulab Catalyst training certificate

  • Access to training, resources and a dedicated online forum for 1 year

  • The training will be available on the 1st of April

500 EUROS excl. tax/participant

Frequently asked questions

Of course, that's what this training course is all about: empowering you and kick-starting your company's transformation on sustainable development issues.

You can now download the Circulab tools by clicking here.

Whether face-to-face, classroom or hybrid, all our training courses can be tailored to your needs, expectations and issues. You can submit your requirements via this form.

Last update 29/02/2024

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