Accelerating the Circular Economy

Start your Circular Economy journey to create a regenerative future

Acquire the skills, master the tools and grasp new opportunities to deploy circular business models and design regenerative products and services.
Learn, practice and take action with the Circulab Academy.

Consultants, Managers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, teachers...

Be a change maker, join the academy!

Develop your expertise, drive your transition towards the circular economy with our online training courses. Unlock your creativity while designing circular and sustainable projects fit for the future.

+400 professionals trained in 25 countries.

Master Circular Design course

Master Circular Design

Initiate change and learn how to make a positive impact through Circular Design.

  • 35-hour online course

  • 8 weeks

  • Cohort-based course

  • English or French

  • Catalyst certificate

Circular Economy courses

Develop Circular packaging solutions

Develop sustainable and competitive packaging solutions with Circular Economy principles.

  • 20-hour online course

  • 4vweeks

  • Self-paced course

  • English

  • Catalyst certificate

course sustainable business models

Design Circular Business Models

Learn to design business models with positive impacts with the Circular Canvas.

  • 15-hour online course

  • Self-paced course

  • Design with the Circular Canvas

  • English or French

  • Catalyst certificate

activate circular economy

Activate the Circular Economy

Learn to apply the transformative principles of the circular economy to your projects.

  • Free Online Course

  • Learn by doing

  • Self-paced course

  • Interactive program

  • English or French

Biomimicry course

Design with Biomimicry

Learn from natural systems to innovate and solve business challenges sustainably.

  • 16-hour online course

  • 4 weeks

  • Cohort-based course

  • English or French

  • Catalyst certificate

Resilience of a company

Improve company resilience

Identify key functions and supplies to help your organisation recover from a major event.

  • 15-hour online course

  • Self-paced course

  • Business game workshop

  • Design with the Circular Canvas

  • English

Get trained!

  • Online Learning

    Online learning

    Study anytime and anywhere, with our cohort-based or self-paced courses.

  • toolbox

    Circular Tools

    Access and master our tools to implement Circular and regenerative projects.

  • Idea


    Work on real-world challenges and solutions.

  • community


    Our courses are mostly cohort-based because we believe collaborative learning is the best way to learn and solve problems.

  • Make an impact

    Our method and tools are applicable to all businesses, industries and careers. Transform your organization or help others get started.

  • certification

    Certificate Courses

    The certificate of completion confirms your acquired skills and your commitment to the Circular Economy.


Take your first steps toward a Circular Economy

Grasp the mindsets, acquire the knowledge and get access to efficient tools to create the products and services of the future.
More than 8 000 users of the Circulab tools worldwide.

The Value Chain Canvas

Carry out the most relevant diagnosis for your activities in the 21st century, analyse the impacts and identify sustainable opportunities.

The Partner Map

Map all stakeholders to create shared value, improve knowledge sharing and build strong partnerships to drive sustainable growth.

The Circular Canvas

Design sustainable business models and projects with the principles of the circular economy and improve the resilience of your organization.

Take Action Right Now

A trusted method & learning experience

The Circulab academy was created by Circular Economy experts who have a long experience in business design, circular design, business consultancy and education. Our circular design method has helped thousands of people initiate change all over the world. With a smart and federating approach inspired by nature, we encourage creativity and collective intelligence to design and redesign for regeneration.


Learn the basics of Circular Economy and start at the beginning: with the fundamental needs of users, of the organization and of the system.
Appreciate the big picture to comprehend all impacts and remember how to listen to your common sense!


Acquire the knowledge to solve complex problems thanks to the circular design method and tools.
Create and co-create the most relevant solutions, products and services for every part of the system. 


Make your idea real with our action-based learning program.

Build your roadmap or prototype a solution, find support,  encouragement  and leverage the power of collective intelligence within the academy.

They Joined the academy


« Very insightful content and exercises with a step-by-step approach based. We are looking forward to make use of our learnings to help our customers build their own paths towards circularity! »

Stephen Demange

Consulting Director, SQLI
Master Circular Design Participant.

« Hands-on modules on ‘how to use the Circular canvas’, but offering much more : inspirations, tips & tricks…
Everything needed to start a circular journey ! »

Anne-France Mariacher

Teacher, ESCP
Master Circular Design Participant

« There is a real positive energy that arises from the Circulab tools and experience! I signed up for this training on the advice of someone and I will be happy to promote it to people around me! »

Mylene Bonnet

Facilitation and Collective Intelligence
Master Circular Design Participant

Logo Circulab

About Circulab

Circulab is an independent design studio and strategy consulting agency that helps organizations worldwide imagine and design regenerative solutions. The Circulab Academy provides training courses based on powerful and open source circular design tools, created and enhanced by Circulab since 2014 and used all over the world. Circulab is powered by a community of over 100 experts in more than 25 countries, that together create long-lasting impact to truly achieve a Circular Economy. 

Circulab agency and community

Achieving Circular Economy together

We are all part of a complex interconnected system which is endangered. We must reconsider our impacts in our eco-systems.

Inspired by nature, circular design aims to reduce resource consumption, improve resilience and regenerate social and natural systems.

Worldwide, more and more of us are working toward a Circular Economy and the more we are, the closer we get to a real sustainable future. Join us!

Circular Economy Courses and Tools

Join the academy to start your transition towards the circular economy. Access free powerful tools, get trained, create your strategic road map with positive impacts and lead the change toward a truly sustainable future! Going further than sustainable development and eco-design, the Circulab Academy helps you rethink your organization through a circular design methodology allowing you to deploy and scale a circular economy.
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