Improve the resilience of a company

Covid19, resource high volatility or cyber attcks illustrate well the difficulties for companies to anticipate major risks. The 21st century will force the companies to deal with major issues concerning their supply chains or the way they sell their products.

Based on a business game and reusable tools, Improve the resilience of a company is the training to identify the key functions, supplies you need to protect and enhance the capacity of a an organisation to recover a major event.

Improve the resilience of a company
  • Learn by doing

  • Self-paced course

  • Animate the Business Resilience Game

  • Get a Certificate


Learn how to improve the resilience of any company

Improve the resilience of a company

A course led by Andrew Thomson, Brieuc Saffré & Fabrice Sorin
Strategic Designer @ Holonic, Co-Founder of Circulab and Circulab Academy Manager

"Resilience is an imperative to consider to run any company in the 21st century"
Brieuc Saffré

The exclusive focus on performance during the 20th century leaded us to the uncertain world we have today. To run any business now, we need to know the key elements, stocks and functions we need to care about to better anticipate major events.

In this course you will know how to identify the key parts of a business to improve its resilience. You will grasp the fundamentals of the business resilience. You will be able to convince your clients to change their focus and consider correctly the 21st century issues.

Finally, you will get the Business Resilience Game and know how to run impactful workshops with the Value Chain Canvas and the Circular Canvas to improve the resilience of any company.

Design Circular Business Models
  • Improve the resilience of a company

  • 15 hour self-paced online course

  • Language: English

  • Business game workshop and Circulab canvas exercises

  • Enroll anytime

  • Certificate Course and the BRG box delivered

  • 1 live session with a member of the Circulab team

  • 699 € (excl VAT)

Online Learning

Online learning

Access all content and interactive tools anytime and anywhere.


Learning by doing

Enjoy interactive content and apply your learnings to real-world exercises and business scenarios.


Business Resilience Game

Get your game box and animate your workshops with your teams or clients.



Receive your certification as Business Resilience Catalyst!


What you will learn

business resilience game
  • Involve teams and ComEx in the resilience issues with a dedicated serious game

  • Identify the main weaknesses in any value chain

  • Anticipate these risks in any business model design

The tools presented during the course

The Circular Canvas

Analyze and design regenerative business models


Meet the trainers

Brieuc Saffre circulab

Brieuc Saffré is a circular economy and innovation expert especially regarding business models. He co-founded the Circulab agency in 2012, where he works with large corporations and smaller companies. Moreover, he co-founded Agripolis in 2016, he is a lecturer at many schools and is the author of several books including Activate the circular economy.



fabrice sorin

Fabrice Sorin is a seasoned professional with 15 years experience in commercial, procurement, operations and management roles in multinational corporations. Having completed a Circular Economy MBA from Bradford university in 2019, he now develops and delivers impactful Circular Design courses through the Circulab Academy.




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Improve the Resilience of a Company - Online Course

With this course, shift your mindset and find the best balance between perfomance and capacity to anticipate major threats.

  • Learn how to identify the main stocks, capacities or functions of a company to improve

  • 15 hours of training during 4 weeks to learn at your own pace

  • Hands-on course: videos, quizzes, business resilience exercises

  • Free access to the Circular Canvas and the Value Chain Canvas templates and guides as well as support from a member of Circulab team during the course duration (4 weeks)

  • Q&A session: 1 live Q&A session with a member of the Circulab team. The sessions take place on fixed dates every 4 weeks on the last week of the program (approx.1 hour)

  • Course Completion Certificate: Business Resilience Catalyst delivered by Circulab

  • Access to all modules anywhere, anytime in our online platform

  • Access to training, resources and a dedicated online forum for 1 year

  • Business Resilience Game delivered to your place to run your own workshops

699 EUROS ex VAT for single purchase payment
The course is also available on Circulab’s subscription based on 12 installments

Last update 01/12/2021

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