Business Resilience Training Course

Inspire your customers to change

Can you get your customers to take action? Make them understand the issues of the 21st century to trigger change?
Bring future risks to life to truly motivate the transformation of the companies you support.

Business Resilience Training Course
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Improve Business Resilience

A course led by Brieuc Saffré
Co-Founder of Circulab.

Are you really managing to initiate the transformation of your customers?

Your interlocutors are increasingly asking you how to understand the risks associated with climate change. Whether through awareness workshops or even frescoes, your participants will feel challenged.

But on the other hand, when it comes to integrating changes into their daily lives or into their business strategy, old habits persist.

You have succeeded in making them understand the extent of the phenomena, but your interlocutors have difficulty changing when it comes to adapting.

They are just beginning to understand why they need to change and don't yet know how to change.

Most of the time, your clients remain stuck in their classical decision-making patterns. It is often too difficult to imagine the direct consequences of a drought in Taiwan or a locust invasion in Argentina.

Also, while not always being able to understand the subject in a systemic way, the growth of the company's margin too often remains the only decision-making indicator. The search for sustainability is not yet the priority.

This is why we have designed a plan that allows both to become aware of the consequences for your business and how to begin the transformation.

Thanks to the Improving Business Resilience training course, you will be trained to prepare and lead the Business Resilience Game, a business game co-designed by Dici Design and Circulab. You will be able to identify, and help others identify, the essential threats that a company must face and how to initiate its transformation.

With the Business Resilience Game, we make people understand the consequences of not being prepared for water restrictions or supply disruptions. The result? Very often, participants initiate their own action plan to take into account and adapt to future risks.

Similarly, the global approach of the Business Resilience Game makes it possible to avoid focusing only on the consequences of global warming and the calculations of carbon footprints.

Of course, this is a major threat, but the scarcity of materials or energy price increases also cause cost explosions or production stoppages. The collapse of bee populations directly impacts sectors related to food, health or cosmetics, for example, before affecting all sectors of activity.

For many of your customers, the consequences are already happening. This is one of the essential parameters to take into account for any company that evolves in the 21st century. You can no longer limit yourself to climate change alone.

Design Circular Business Models
  • Improve business resilience

  • Self-paced online course

  • Language: English or French

  • Game board, digital cards and Circular Canvas exercises

  • Business resilience board and certificate

  • 1 live session with a member of the Circulab team

  • 2 options: host and/or support

  • Coming soon

From bringing awareness to initiating transformation

For years, I have taught companies to reduce their negative impacts with the principles of Circular Economy.

I have long been frustrated that too many companies still take a long time to actually change models.

We finally found the solution to really involve companies thanks to a dynamic adaptation of the threats of the 21st century.

This lively and unifying layout allows you to:

  • Skip the stage of understanding the issues by helping your participants project themselves to seize the issues and constraints of the 21st century

  • Help understand the necessary balance between economic performance and resilience

  • Make your customers want to anticipate future issues to design their action plans

workshop resilience

A collective awareness that drives transformation

In September 2020, we hosted a first demonstration of the Business Resilience Game during a professional event with various small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

training course resilience

A serious game appreciated by all

At first, the participants seemed quite puzzled when we talked about business resilience… then they started to direct their fictional businesses through the game.

They got involved and experimented with their choices just like they usually would until the reveal at the end of the game! They then understood the importance of considering short and long term. Above all, they understood the need to find a balance between economic performance and the resilience of their model.

Spontaneously, they looked at every card in the game and began their action plan to improve the resilience of their business.

Would you like to be trained to host a Business Resilience Game workshop?

Today, we are creating this tailor-made training course to allow you to transform your customers by embracing the context of the 21st century.

We will carry out this course only if the number of registrants is sufficient.

  • Registration for the Improve Business Resilience training course will be open soon.

  • As the first participants, you will receive a 20% discount to thank you for your feedback.

    If there are less than 20 attendees at the end of the pre-order period, we will refund your full payment instantly.

The program of Improve Business Resilience: 2 course options

BRG host

  • Module 1

    Understand what business resilience means, its interest for your customers and how it can be a real approach for transformation

  • Module 2

    Learn how to identify what a company must be resilient about

  • Module 3

    Learn how to prepare a Business Resilience Game session

  • Module 4

    Host a BRG session and design the action plan

  • Module 5

    Sell your services to improve the resilience of a company

  • Game box

    With the board, the pawns, the presentation and the game cards.

BRG host
+ support for your 1st demonstration

  • The 5 modules of the BRG host training course

  • Game box

    With the board, the pawns, the demonstration presentation and the game cards.

  • All the tools to organize your first demonstration

  • Group video coaching

Who am I ?

Brieuc Saffre circulab
  • Brieuc Saffré

    Co-founder & CEO - Circulab

I am Brieuc Saffré and I have been involved in circular and regenerative economy topics for the last past 10 years. In 2012, I founded Circulab, a strategy agency and design studio dedicated to the circular economy. Circulab supports companies (Orange, IKEA, La Poste, etc.), associations and local communities (UNESCO, UNIDO, City of Paris, etc.) and helps them rethink their models with the principles of the circular economy.

I co-wrote the book Activate the circular economy in 2015 and host the podcast of the same name about, among other things, issues of business resilience and territorial resilience.

In 2020, with the DICI Design agency, I designed the Business Resilience Game to accelerate the adaptation of companies to the challenges of the 21st century.

Do you just want to educate your customers or initiate their transformation as soon as possible?

You can now continue to lead your awareness workshops... But you run the risk of not being sharp enough regarding the events of which you are fully aware of and of which your customers must absolutely anticipate.

The real threats are multiplying and require us to be much more proactive. The companies and organizations you support must understand that the time to act is now.

Understanding some of the issues is not enough, you can become the one who will initiate their transformation by adapting to the actual risks they will face.

Business Resilience Game

Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of the training course is not to make you become an expert on the subject. The goal is to allow you to trigger the transformation of your customers through this matter with great tools such as the Business Resilience Game or the Circular Canvas.

If after 30 days of training, you are not satisfied, we will fully refund the training.

Last update 08/02/2023

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