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Develop your knowledge in Circular Economy

At Circulab we raise awareness and educate, through the creation of educational content and active participation in events, broadcasts, podcasts, studies... about the need to transform current economic models.

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MOOC in collaboration with ESSEC

In this MOOC developed in collaboration with ESSEC business school, discover how can companies act in the fight against global warming?


Business and circularity SMART @WORK

Justine Laurent, Managing Director of Circulab, was a guest on the B SMART channel alongside Bluedigo, Slean and Manutan to discuss circular economy strategies.


Companies: towards a circular model?

Justine Laurent, Managing Director of Circulab, was a guest on the B SMART channel to talk about the circular economy, an economic model that is becoming necessary for businesses.

Talks with Neighbours - Réaction Commune

Improving the resilience of a territory

Use this card game to discuss the resilience of your territory or neighbourhood with your friends and family, and share ideas to inspire collective action.

Inspired by the "Business Resilience Game" and "Réaction Commune".


Exploring the possibilities of the circular economy within tourism

(X)pretiential, the positive tourism podcast, invited Fabrice Sorin and Justine Laurent to explore how to apply circular economy principles in tourism.

Papier académique opérateurs hôteliers

Exploring Circular economy in the hospitality industry

Academic paper by Fabrice Sorin, Academy Manager, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management on the applicability of the circular economy for hotel operators.


State of Circularity in Australia

EDGE Environment, a member of the Circulab community, contributed to the State of the Circular Economy in Australia report, published by the Planet Ark Environmental Foundation. 

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Impactful by Design - ChangeNOW 2022

Justine Laurent, managing director of Circulab, spoke at ChangeNOW to share her recommendations on how to make these impacts positive. Watch the replay of the session.

Choose Your Impact

How to participate in resource sobriety?

Brieuc Saffré is the CEO of Circulab. This strategy agency and design studio helps organisations transform towards regenerative and more resource-efficient models.

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Playing and cooperating to respond to the complexity of our world.

TEDx Talks.
The concept of the circular economy, applied to today's economy and the idea of play and magic by Brieuc Saffré, co-founder of Circulab.

Fabrice Sorin

Educational resources by Fabrice Sorin

Discover all publications, academic papers, research and resources written by or with the contribution of Fabrice Sorin, circular economy expert and Academy Manager of Circulab.

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What is the potential of self-fertilising trays?

The Circulab Catalysts alumnis of October 2021 are pleased to share with you their feedback from the "Mastering Circular Design" course and the self-fertilising solutions they came up with.

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Video resources by Circulab

Discover all the video resources created and made available by the Circulab Academy and the members of the Community: testimonies, presentations, case studies, demos and initiations to tools and the circular economy.

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Circular economy design increases resilience and regeneration

Brieuc Saffré and Justine Laurent present Circulab, the tools and methods they use to design the circular economy and integrate it into business growth.

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Circular economy: what solutions for businesses?

The design agency Circulab has grasped the magnitude of this challenge by integrating the pillars and foundations of the circular economy into its design offering, to enable companies to create virtuous business models. 


The circular economy through the lens of design

Nicolas Buttin and Brieuc Saffré, co-founders of Circulab, formerly Wiithaa, talk about the concepts of the circular and regenerative economy on BFM Business. 

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Design & ecology. Designing to inhabit the earth

What is the place of designers in the ecological transition? How can we design in a world where all our systems have to be redesigned in order to preserve the earth's habitability?

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Circulab's podcast on circular design

In each episode, for 20 minutes, with experts from the Circulab Community, we explore how to turn the principles of the circular economy into action in your business.


Creating an impactful and engaged business - Business as Unusual

Justine Laurent, Managing Director of Circulab, was the guest on Sophie Pottier's podcast to talk about her entrepreneurial journey towards the circular economy. 


A serious game on the circular economy - Renewable Matter

This article briefly introduces the "Circular Economy Business Game", a game that allows organisations to rethink their business model through creativity and cooperation. 


Interview de Brieuc Saffré sur le design circulaire - Graphisme & intéractivité

Brieuc Saffré, co-founder of Circulab, discusses the concept of circular design and how it can be useful in meeting the challenges of the 21st century.


Circular Design "for the regeneration of ecosystems" - Beewo

Justine Laurent, Managing Director of Circulab, explains her background, experience and views on service design and circular design.

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How can we start thinking in systems?

Fabrice Sorin, Academy Manager, discussed with Nathalie Jarosz, Water, Waste and Circular Economy Manager for RATP, the implementation of circular economy projects.

France Design Week - Institut D

For a circular and citizen economy

As part of the France Design Week, Fabrice Sorin, manager of the Circulab Academy, participated in the round table "For a circular and citizen economy".

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Circular Economy in Travel and Tourism

This white paper explores how the principles of the circular economy could guide more sustainable, resilient and future-proof tourism development, in line with UNWTO's One Planet Vision.

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Creating regenerative business models

Fabrice Sorin was the guest on the Happy Porch Radio podcast to discuss regenerative business models and the integration of circular economy principles.

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