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The Value Chain Canvas: create systemic value with the circular economy

The Value Chain Canvas is a tool to analyze your market or industry and gather key information about resources, end users, competitors, technologies or legal policies.

With the tool, identify new opportunities, evaluate them and select the one with the most significant economic potential.

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Value Chain Mapping

The Value Chain Canvas

With the Value Chain Canvas, identify the major value creation needs on the market and prioritize your strategic challenges associated using the prism of circular economy. Get a clear understanding of the entire value chain from a holistic perspective.
The canvas contains what we consider to be the 8 main steps of any value chain in the circular economy era: Design, Materials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Use, Repairing & Reconditionning, Take Back, Next Use. The goal is to identify the key elements of each step to reveal value creation.

Update your market knowledge

The world is more and more complex and everything is evolving so quickly. By embracing a holistic point of view, tool users will share their knowledge and grasp new insights that will change their mindset and the way they do business.

Detect circular opportunities

By checking the whole value chain through the end users, actors, legislation, key resources and technologies, you will consider the different threats and opportunities and therefore take strategic decisions to lead a transition to a circular and resilient economy.

Consider ecosystems in your strategy

Designed for different markets and sectors, the Value Chain Canvas helps you to consider your impacts on the ecosystem and on your business. Thanks to this new evaluation method, you are finally able to build fully sustainable strategies.

The value chain canvas, a helpful tool for your projects

Among the many projects led by Circulab experts, we have used the Value Chain Canvas to:

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