circular economy mapping

The Partner Map: create shared value and cooperative business models

With the Partner Map, easily identify the key stakeholders of your next challenge.
Before starting a project, complete the Partner Map to accept different points of view, consider the whole value chain, facilitate value creation and anticipate potential threats from different actors.

Download the Partner Map
  • Identify all stakeholders

  • Consider their interests

  • Build strong partnerships

  • Improve Knowledge Sharing


The Partner Map

With the Partner Map easily create a visual representation of the relationship your organization or a specific project has with the stakeholders involved. Such tool helps you understand who is concerned with your challenge, identify the level of engagement, the evolution of the relationship over time as well as any friction, their interests and therefore you will be able to decide on the best strategy to take action.
Identify the key partners to involve in your project and the accurate strategies for your challenges to create value for as many stakeholders as possible.

Identify key stakeholders

Whether they support or criticize your project, once you know them you are able to create shared value and facilitate cooperation by establishing new relationships.

Promote Information Sharing

With a Partner Map session and by involving the right people, participants will share their contacts, networks and knowledge about a specific issue to save time on project implementation.

Understand their interests

With the Partner Map, consider the stakeholders at every step of the circular value chain. By ranking their contribution power or their own interests in helping you make your project come to life, you can imagine potential synergies.

The Partner Map, a valuable tool to carry out your projects

Among the many projects led by Circulab experts, we have used the Partner Map to:

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