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Architectural view symbolizing the circular economy due to the building's circularity

Jul 18 2024

Global Observer

Innovate with the circular economy

Explore the key innovation methods you need to embrace Circular Economy, transform your business and make it resilient
Partner Map tool

Jul 16 2024

Global Observer

Mapping stakeholders as part of the circular economy

Find out how mapping your stakeholders facilitates the adoption of sustainable practices and the shift towards a circular economy
circular economy training

Jul 11 2024

Global Observer

Examples of the integration of Circular Economy 

Find out through real examples how brands are reducing their environmental impact while creating economic value.
Outil Business Model Canvas qui intègre la notion d'impact

Jul 3 2024

Global Observer

Eco-Design & Circular Economy courses

Discover how eco-design and circular economy tools enable companies to transform and strengthen themselves through innovation.

Jul 2 2024

Global Observer

The Global Observer – june 2024

This monthly selection of articles has been brought to you by the Circulab Community - a network of 100+ circular economy experts spread across 22+ territories.
The 'Value Chain Canvas' a tool for Circular Economy

Jul 1 2024

Global Observer

Building a Value Chain around circular economy concepts

Find out how circular economy principles in a value chain drive innovation, business performance and resilience.

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