Become a Circular Economy Expert

Master the tools, discover an innovation method and acquire the skills needed to solve complex problems and rethink products, services and business models. be a changemaker and contribute to the circular economy transformation.

  • Learn online (live and recorded videos) + interactive exercises

  • Master tools and an innovation method

  • Obtain your training certificate

Master an innovation method and design tools

Equip yourself to support your clients

Master Circular Design

Led by Justine Laurent, Brieuc Saffré & Fabrice Sorin
Co-founders of Circulab, Circulab Academy Manager

Your customers are increasingly aware of the need to transform their business model. However, you find that most of the assignments you sell miss the point and end up as micro-initiatives with no real impact, or as resource optimisation without any in-depth rethinking of the business models.

You're beginning to wonder whether your expertise is the most efficient to embark your clients on a genuine transformation of their activities.

You're constantly looking for "the trigger" that will make your clients tick and allow you to fulfil your role as a "change maker". In short, you're fed up with selling assignments that don't suit you and you want things to change.

45 hours over 8 weeks to get to grips with a toolbox and master an innovation methodology to solve your clients' complex problems and support them in their transformation.

With this course, you'll have the tools you need to make a difference and take action in an ever-changing world.

More information about the course

Master the concepts, innovation method and tools that we're applying with Orange (telco) to encourage smartphone repair or the reuse of merchandising at Lancôme. In 45 hours of synchronous and asynchronous learning, you can master the circular design innovation method!

You will become a Circulab Catalyst, i.e. an expert (and Circulab certified!) in the circular and regenerative economy, capable of applying system thinking, of analysing a value chain with circularity and of creating circular and regenerative business models.

 You will be able to transform any type of product or service in a circular and regenerative way.


Independent consultant - food industry

"Circulab is a high-level, high-quality training programme, with the right balance between the acquisition of theoretical concepts/knowledge and "doing", with the application of what has been learnt to a real problem and at each stage of the method. Collective intelligence enriches research, reflection, analysis and possible solutions. Goodwill and the quality of the human relationship are also at the heart of the training, encouraging expression, sharing and creativity, and valuing each member of the group"


Independent consultant

"Intense and fascinating! A course that opens up new horizons and which I hope to be able to take advantage of professionally in the near future."


Independent consultant - construction sector

"A very interactive course on tools that will be very useful to me in helping companies move towards more circular models. Circulab makes us ask ourselves the right questions to move towards new economic and social models that are more resilient and regenerative"


Create the products and services of tomorrow

Understand systems thinking

With this first module, you will be able to integrate systems thinking into your projects while acquiring a system mapping methodology.

In other words, you :

  • Learn how to map a business system before launching a project
  • Increase your knowledge of systems
  • Identify the best levers for rethinking a system

This second module will enable you to review your customer's value chain by assessing its dependence on natural and social ecosystems, with the aim of improving its resilience.

This means that you can:

  • Identify the best circular and regenerative opportunities
  • Check the resilience of your value chain

  • Anticipate systemic risks and threats
Analyze a value chain
Facilitate cooperation between stakeholders

The aim of this new module is to enable you to identify an organisation's key stakeholders in order to create maximum shared value.

Which means that you :

  • Identify the main stakeholders
  • Enable cooperation between all stakeholders
  • Facilitate the creation of shared value

This final module will give you all the keys you need to create your new circular, resilient and sustainable business models.

in other words, you will

  • Analyse a business model using a holistic approach
  • Quickly identify the impact of a business model
  • Optimise resources and create new revenues
design regenerative business models


More details about the trainers

Brieuc Saffre circulab

Brieuc Saffré is a specialist in circular economy and innovation, especially on business models. He co-founded the Circulab agency in 2012, where he works with large and small businesses.

In addition, he co-founded Agripolis in 2016, lectures at a number of schools and is the author of several books, including Activating the Circular Economy.



fabrice sorin

Fabrice Sorin is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in commercial, purchasing, operations and management roles in multinational companies.

After completing an MBA in Circular Economy from the University of Bradford in 2019, he develops and leads training on circular economy topics in the Circulab Academy.



Justine Laurent circulab

An expert in creativity and a true creator of change, Justine Laurent holds degrees in International Management and Innovation from Chile and Spain.

She co-developed the Circulab method and applies it on a daily basis, working with clients such as Plastic Omnium Environnement and the City of Paris. She also teaches at ENSCI and HEC.





30-day money-back guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority, so if you're not happy with the course, we'll give you your money back...

But we're convinced you'll love it!

Master Circular Design - self-paced training

With this course, you will acquire the mindset, skills and access to Circulab's innovation and strategy tools!

  • Apply Circulab tools to a real-life problem

  • Learn at your own pace with this self-paced program

  • Know how to apply systems thinking in your day-to-day dealings with your stakeholders

  • Access to Circulab guides for designing circular business models with your customers

  • Access to all modules from anywhere at any time via an online platform

  • 45 hours of training, i.e. a minimum of 6 hours per week over 8 weeks (videos + exercises)

  • 1 weekly 30 minutes Q&A session with the trainer on Zoom

  • Access to training, resources and a dedicated forum for 1 year

  • Available in French

  • This course is accessible in a cohort format with a minimum of 5 participants. Let us know if you are interested.

1 500 € per person

275 people trained since 2021 - Average satisfaction score: 4.23/5. 01/07/2023

Frequent questions

As part of our consultancy and support services, we systematically use Circulab tools.

In addition to other tools, you can also use them in your services. If you wish to sell support services under the Circulab brand, you must join the Circulab community.

Discover our approach and examples of case studies here.

The course lasts a total of 45 hours over 8 weeks.

Of these 45 hours, please allow 6 to 8 hours per week for the theoretical and practical part in a group.

During the "Mastering Circular Design" course, you will be able to access all the content at your own pace by following the stages of the programme. 

You will have to do your exercises autonomously, and you will also have access to the secure forum on the educational platform to exchange ideas with the trainer.

Video-conference Q&A sessions with the trainer are also planned to support you throughout the training process.

Last update 13/02/2024

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