High-impact training for businesses

Train your teams to deploy Circular Economy

The ecological and economic transformation requires a change of mindset from everyone involved.

Training your employees in the circular economy is the best way to develop their skills, while improving their motivation and commitment.

All our training courses are available in an in-company format and can be delivered on your premises. We develop and adapt the content and teaching formats to suit your context and requirements.

Tailor-made, practical and inspiring programs

A major player in circular economy for more than 10 years, the Circulab team is ready to listen to you and build a customised training programs that match the expectations of your organisation.

Train your teams around high-impact themes, high-performance tools, concrete examples and case studies for immediate operational implementation.

Our training courses are led by our community of certified experts and provide your teams with the right tools, skills, inspiration and methods to act.

Formation équipes collaboration régénération


Circulab is a pioneer in the circular economy for over 12 years, creating tools approved and backed by an international network of over 100 experts.


Learning by doing is at the heart of our teaching approach, enabling theory to be applied immediately.


Strengthening internal cohesion using playful tools that promote collective intelligence.


Each course is tailored to the needs of your organisation and is delivered in your desired format, date and location.

A catalogue of collaborative training courses

Discover the programs created and delivered by Circulab and/or community members around the world. Each program can be customised according to your needs.

To create a 100% customised program, please contact us.

Initiate your teams

Prepare your team to meet the challenges of the circular economy with this customised training course.

Convince your teams

This course provides the necessary tools, knowledge and strategies to develop your resilience. 

Transform your organization

With the circular design method, your teams will learn how to create tomorrow's profitable and sustainable products and services.

Damien. D

Retail Director at Lancôme

"I'd recommend this training course for my department at Lancôme (...) The first part on systems thinking really appealed to me, it's a total discovery. The Canvas tool is great, but requires practice and coaching. The Canvas tool is great, but requires practice and coaching »

Anne. R

Experience designer at Orange

"A very clear, well-structured course that clarifies a number of concepts we've already studied elsewhere and gives us effective tools to support the necessary internal change"



"Excellent training, with a very interesting presentation style, engaging slides that kept you engaged and motivated with the topic(s) covered.

I particularly enjoyed the face-to-face part of the training with Fabrice. He was very enthusiastic and really got to grips with what he was explaining"

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