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Activate the Circular Economy

Embark on an exciting journey into the Circular Economy with our interactive training.

Uncover the concept, learn how to ignite the Circular Economy, and begin applying transformative principles to revolutionize your business activities. Join us for a hands-on experience that will reshape the way you approach circular economy.

activer l'économie circulaire
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Start with circular economy

The Circular Economy in 120 Minutes

Put the circular economy at the center of your value proposition

A program created by Justine Laurent, Brieuc Saffré & Fabrice Sorin.

You've already proven your prowess in the corporate world, but now your focus is on tackling the crucial challenge of transforming our economies to live in a world where the impacts of climate change are contained.

Unfortunately, you often face the inertia of your clients' business-as-usual mindset, even encountering skepticism. You find it challenging to explain why the extract-produce-discard economic model is harmful and dysfunctional.

You're frustrated and feel lacking in compelling arguments to debunk their preconceptions. In short, you find yourself engaged in too few missions with real impact, and that needs to change to align your personal convictions with your professional activities.

Embark on a journey to discover concrete examples of the failures of current models and confront them with the 7 pillars of the circular economy. The Circulab Academy team, led by Brieuc Saffré, founder of Circulab and lecturer at institutions like Polytechnique, HEC, ESSEC, and ENSCI, offer you a 120-minute crash course in circular economy.

In just 120 minutes, you'll understand the impacts of current linear economic models, identify the challenges, and discover the economic, social, and environmental advantages of a circular and resilient economy. In 2 short hours, you will learn how to tailor these insights to address your clients' concerns.

Online Learning

Online program

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Learning by doing

Immerse yourself in interactive content and captivating experiences.

Free interactive content

Learning objectives

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Circular Economy and its key processes

  • Highlight the primary advantages and limitations of circular economies for businesses.

  • Understand how to activate the circular economy

From theory to practice

From exploring the fundamental theories of the circular economy to the hands-on application of principles, this training initiates a lasting change for your activities and organization.

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They tested it and they loved it


"Excellent training that helps you quickly get an initial idea of what the circular economy is and how to implement it in the business world!"

Tali W.

"The "Activating the circular economy" course is excellent. It is aimed at both people with CSR training and professionals looking to move away from the 'business-as-usual' approach. In practical terms, this course enables you to take another look at your business model and make it better for people and the living world in general... "

Maribelle M.

"A great introduction that shows the potential of Circular Economy with all the principles that would encourage companies to commit to circularity!"

Sébastien M.


Meet the trainers

Brieuc Saffre circulab

Brieuc Saffré is an expert in circular economy and innovation, particularly in the creation of circular and regenerative economic models. He co-founded Circulab in 2012, advising major corporations like Orange and L'Oréal, local authorities such as the City of Paris, and regional SMEs.

Additionally, he serves as a lecturer in several prestigious institutions and is the author of several books, including Activer l'économie circulaire.



Justine Laurent circulab

Justine Laurent holds a degree in International Management and Innovation from Chile and Spain and is among the top 50 personalities in CSR according to the Cercle de Giverny.

She co-developed the Circulab method and applies it daily, collaborating with clients such as Olympique de Marseille and UNESCO. Additionally, she serves as the pedagogical coordinator for the ESSEC Circular Economy Chair.



fabrice sorin

Fabrice Sorin is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in areas such as sales, procurement, operations, strategy, and management within multinational corporations.

Holding an MBA in Circular Economy from the University of Bradford (UK), he regularly publishes in scientific journals on issues related to the circular economy, service industries, and the hospitality sector.




Free program

Understanding the fundamentals of the circular economy

At Circulab, we strongly believe that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience, real-life cases, and examples. Our tools, methodologies, and pedagogical approaches will help you seamlessly integrate concepts related to the circular economy to address your business challenges.

Activate the Circular Economy - Online Format

Explore how the circular economy can contribute to the transition towards a truly sustainable and resilient economy.

  • Discover the principles of the circular economy and learn how to activate it within your company

  • 2 hours of online content accessible only for 7 days in the free version

  • 2 hours of online content accessible for 12 months in the premium version.

  • Access all modules from anywhere, anytime on our online platform

  • Practical course: videos, textual content, interactive exercises.

  • Available in French, English and Spanish

Last update 24/11/2023

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