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With Biomimicry, embrace sustainable innovation and solve your business problems by finding inspiration from nature.

Learn and apply this philosophy, its methods and tools within your company, for your products, services, value chains...

biomimicry online course
Design with Biomimicry

The Superpowers of the Circulab academy

Biomimicry: sustainable innovation

A course led by Michel Wolfstirn
Co-Founder & COO SquareRoot, Co-Founder Biomimicry Norway, Project Leader Havnelykta

« Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. » Albert Einstein.

More than ever, we need the best tools to innovate and face our challenges in a sustainable way. Nature and its living systems create the conditions that lead to regeneration, this is such a beautiful definition for sustainable development.

To do this, living creatures use a certain number of principles that we can also use in our design, processes and our organizations in order to make them more sustainable.

Learn Life's Principles and apply them in your business or with your customers to:

  1. Meet the challenges of today and of tomorrow
  2. Create sustainable solutions
  3. Facilitate decision-making
  4. Make your organization more resilient
  5. Optimize resources throughout your value chain
Designers, managers, consultants, engineers, teachers ... or if you are just curious, sign up!
  • Biomimicry

  • Next class starts on 2nd November 2021

  • 16 hour training course / 4 weeks

  • Cohort-based course

  • Language: English. French available

  • 4 modules: videos, exercises, live Q&A sessions & debates

  • Level: Beginner

  • 700€  ex VAT

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The training program

Biomimicry: from principles to practice


Understand Biomimicry

With over 3.8 billion years of R&D through natural selection, living systems have much to teach us about solving challenges in a sustainable way.

In this first module, reconnect with nature and learn about the foundations of biomimicry as well as some basic methods that will allow you to apply it to a first case.

  • Reconnect with nature

  • Understand the principles of practicing biomimicry

  • Practice biomimicry on a first basic case

Apply Life's Principles to understand the context of your business

Being locally attuned and responsive, efficient with resources and evolve to survive. These principles are crucial for your business and Nature is a master at it.

In this second module, you will learn to assess and improve the resilience of an organization by taking advantage of its environment and  local resources and by turning risks into opportunities. You will be using a fictive case based on reality to collaboratively solve exercises with your cohort.

  • Understand Life's Principles

  • Adapt your organization and your products to local resources and flows

  • Create an evolution strategy


Apply Life's Principles to redesign your product or service

Your business and your products are not isolated, they are part of an ecosystem. It is in everyone's best interests that this ecosystem prospers.

In this module you will learn how to handle the complexity of your ecosystem and use tools that will allow you to better organize yourself to better support the ecosystem, but also how to take advantage of hidden opportunities.

  • Design products and choose materials that are compatible with nature

  • Find new opportunities by strengthening your collaborations

  • Design feedback loops to improve your product or service

Improve group dynamics by taking inspiration from nature

Taking culture and people into account is essential in leading change. Your teams, your superiors, your customers need to feel considered and to create a change, you have to convince them, encourage them.

In this module you will learn how nature uses leadership and decentralization to organize thousands of people in an incredible efficient way.

  • Structure your team and your business to improve efficiency

  • Redefine your leadership for the development of your teams

  • Create a strong culture to multiply your organization's capabilities

Biomimicry Norway & Circulab

Meet your trainer

Michel Wolfstirn

From previously working in the oil industry, Michel Wolfstirn now strives to balance his karma through sustainable development. Living in Norway since 2006 he founded BiomimicryNorway in 2015 and has specialized in biomimicry and circular economy ever since.

Michel is a Circulab certified consultant since 2016 and the co-founder in 2020 of SquareRoot, a digital tool for creating urban green spaces for professionals. He has a double degree in mechanical engineering from ENSAM (Arts et Métiers ParisTech) and the University of Karlsruhe. You can watch his TEDx talk on paradigm shift and biomimicry here.


    Co-Founder & COO @ SquareRoot, Project Leader @Havnelykta, Biomimicry & sustainability advocate

Circulab picto
Circulab is a consulting agency and design studio committed to the circular and regenerative economy.

Circulab was created in 2012 with as goal the regeneration of natural and human ecosystems, in particular through economic activity.

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Biomimicry Online Course

With this course, you will acquire the foundations of biomimicry to therefore apply its principles to your organization, your products or your services.

  • Understand and use biomimicry

  • Access the presented tools

  • Access all modules anytime, anywhere

  • Dedicated forum for 1 year

  • Cohort-based course (groups of 5 max, 2 hours/week group work)

  • Available in English and French

700 € ex VAT

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