Make circular economy a reality for your students

With this hybrid workshop-lecture format, your students will take their first steps into the circular economy.

Explore the concept, its benefits and limitations, and, most importantly, learn how to apply transformative principles of the circular economy in shaping the world of tomorrow

activer l'économie circulaire
  • Customizable format

  • Line up your students

  • Interactive dynamics

Embark on the journey of the change

Initiate your students to the circular economy

Explain and make the circular economy real

Student Workshop: Master Circular Economy in Half a Day, an Action-Packed Training by Circulab Founders

Your students and academic leadership are increasingly seeking high-quality content on topics such as climate change and regenerative circular economy. Navigating through the ocean of publications and TED talks, it can be challenging to pinpoint the most relevant content.

In the face of prevalent pessimistic arguments like 'It's too complicated, and it's too late anyway!', there is an urgent need to provide serious, educational, and inspiring content to raise awareness about the benefits of a circular economy.

Embark on a global exploration to spotlight concrete examples exposing the glaring flaws in our current models. Then, confront these examples with the seven pillars of the circular economy—a consciousness-awakening experience delivered by Brieuc Saffré, Fabrice Sorin and Justine Laurent, founders of Circulab and speakers at institutions like Polytechnique, HEC, ESSEC, and ENSCI.

In just a few hours, your students will comprehend the impacts and drawbacks of current economic models, identifying the economic, social, and environmental advantages of a circular and resilient economy

What you will learn

circular economy priniciples
  • Understand the circular economy

  • Define the main advantages and limits of circular economy

  • Discover how to activate circular economy

more than 10,000 people trained


"Excellent training that helps you quickly get an initial idea of what the circular economy is and how to implement it in the business world!"

Tali W.

"The "Activating the circular economy" course is excellent. It is aimed at both people with CSR training and professionals looking to move away from the 'business-as-usual' approach. In practical terms, this course enables you to take another look at your business model and make it better for people and the living world in general... "

Maribelle M.

"A great introduction that shows the potential of the circular economy with all the principles that would encourage companies to commit to circularity!

Sébastien M.


Meet the trainers

Brieuc Saffre circulab

Brieuc Saffré is specialized in circular economy and innovation through business models. He co-founded Circulab in 2012, where he works with large groups such as IKEA, L’Oreal or SMEs.
He also co-founded Agripolis in 2016 and is the author of several books including Activate the circular economy. Brieuc is a regular lecturer in schools like Polytechnique and ENSCI.



Justine Laurent circulab

Creativity expert and real change-maker, Justine Laurent graduated in International Management and Innovation in Chile and in Spain.

She co-developed the Circulab method and applies it daily by working with clients like Plastic Omnium Environment or the City of Paris. She is a also a regular lecturer for ENSCI and HEC.

Justine is the educational coordinator of the Global Circular Economy Chair at ESSEC Business School.



fabrice sorin

Fabrice Sorin is a seasoned professional with 15 years experience in commercial, procurement, operations and management roles in multinational corporations.

Having completed a Circular Economy MBA from Bradford university in 2019, he now develops and delivers impactful Circular Design courses through the Circulab Academy.



Tailor-made format

Empower your students to take action

A two to three-hour session to enable your students to explore and assimilate the key benefits of the circular economy

the assets of circular economy

Explore how the circular economy can contribute to the transition towards a truly sustainable and resilient economy.

  • Grasp the Foundations of the Circular Economy and know how to implement it

  • 2 to 4 hours of masterclass - workshop with your students.

  • Presentation and application of our tools (Circular Canvas, Partners Map, Value Chain Canvas)

Last update 24/11/2023

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