About Circulab and the Circulab Academy

Circulab supports your circular economy projects

It all starts with design and the need to create circular and regenerative business models. Through our tools, methods and training courses, we upskill economic actors and business leaders in resilient business design and systemic innovation to create a circular and regenerative economy.

Circulab, consulting agency and design studio

Founded in 2012, Circulab's mission is to accelerate the regeneration of natural and human ecosystems and to activate the transformation of organisations towards the circular economy.
To achieve this, the Circulab Academy trains professionals from all around the world in the principles of circular and regenerative economy. We offer a method and a toolbox available in 7 languages: the Circulab Toolbox.
The method and tools are deployed all over the world through the Circulab Community. This community gathers more than 100 certified members in 22 countries who deploy our method and tools locally to lead initiatives and create a positive impact in their various consulting and corporate missions.
Sustainable business
Environmental sustainability for new business models

Our missions

We live in an interconnected and interdependent world where every actions lead to positive and/or negative impacts.

To create fair, desirable and truly socially sustainable socio-economic organisations we need to adopt a circular economy model to to reach a sustainable development.

Systems thinking and system innovation are the key levers we deploy to consider all the actors and stakeholders globally in the system from the product/service design to the operations and scale up phases.

At Circulab, we work every day towards the following goals

  • Optimise existing resources

  • Improve the resilience of businesses and societies

  • Deploy a regenerative economy

4 pillars for a sustainable change

Business practices for sustainability

Our actions

We help you develop a new business model, rethink your strategy and business activities using the circular economy, biomimicry and circular design. The objective is the progressive implementation of a circular economy, a responsible and sustainable economy where the notion of waste does not exist. 
At Circulab, we consider the eco-design stage of products/services and we go much further. We think about the whole business system by taking into account the end of life of the product/service from the design stage and involving all stakeholders.
Our experience, our method and our community allow us to adapt our services to the needs and context of each client. A personalized and accessible approach, a guarantee of success.

Mike Twemlow


The goal was to get a grasp on systems thinking and problem solving techniques to drive circularity in any given industry/problem. . It's given me a better understanding of systems thinking in general, and levers can be introduced or pulled to drastically change a system to become more sustainable/circular.

Mathilde Paillot

Quimper Cornouaille Développement

We called on Circulab to animate a workshop in 2 half-days for the socio-professional tourism of the territory. We have created 2 "sustainable" tourist stays and Circulab has sent us very sharp deliverables. The professionals were very satisfied.

Anne Douaire-Banny

Embassy of France in the United Arab Emirates

We wanted to raise awareness among student audiences about the circular economy in the Emirates, especially in the energy sector. A Hackathon seemed to us the right way to do it, outside the curricula but officially involving universities. Several universities that were not used to collaborating saw that they could benefit from it. A large company in the energy sector also appreciated being associated with this theme and the creativity of the students, stimulated by Circulab. The Hackathon has been observed by others, with the circular economy being an area of great interest here.

The Circulab Academy

The Circulab Academy offers training in autonomy or in cohorts, online, in-person and tailor-made, on topics related to Circular Economy and business resilience.
Our training courses are aimed at professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs and students who want to discover the circular economy, rethink their business model, improve their organisation resilience, create positive impacts and start their transition to a truly sustainable world.
Courses and case-studies
Social and environmental Tools

Our learning tools for the circular economy and corporate sustainability

At Circulab, we believe it is essential to give organisations the right tools and methods to initiate positive, sustainable and impactful change.
Our strategy and innovation tools, tested and certified by many circular economy experts, are freely accessible to enable all actors to initiate their transformation. These design tools will enable you to unite your stakeholders, rethink your business model, analyse your value chain and realize new business opportunities.

In the toolbox, you will find the Circular Canvas, a tool to build business models, products and services, as well as the Partner Map, and the Value Chain Canvas which will help you to take action and initiate sustainable change.

Our community

The Circulab Community members advise you in your various projects from transformation strategy, to business and product design, carbon audit, eco design, ESG audit, training, etc.
The Circulab Community gathers more than a hundred independent consultants, design agencies, consulting firms and universities across the world, who collaborate on projects, participate in the development of the Circulab Academy tools and trainings. The members' expertise covers activities such as supply chain, eco-design, corporate social responsibility, business transformation strategies, , etc.
According to your project, business activity and location, we will put you in contact with the most relevant experts to support you in your project.
Community for sustainability

Our learning approach

Learning by doing

The Circulab Academy trainings are designed with real-world practical cases to help you understand current issues, identify business challenges, project yourself in the future to help you rethink your products, services and business model. Our mentors support you throughout the learning process to help you move from training to action.

Explore the principles of the circular and regenerative economy with our short online videos/exercises.

Use collective intelligence to innovate and initiate change through our cohort training.

Deploy your projects thanks to our free and intuitive tools (accessible on Mural/Miro).

The Circulab team

team circulab

A French agency operating worldwide

Circulab brings together a team and a community of enthusiastic experts driven by the desire to initiate real change, to create impactful solutions and above all to positively transform organisations and communities while respecting the planetary boundaries. 
It is a story of shared values, of commitment, determination and above all an ambitious objective: to provide the right tools and methods to organisations so that they can drive lasting change towards a fair and sustainable world.

Do you have any questions?

Do you want to know more about our tools, training and the Circulab Academy? We have a FAQ page that answers your main questions. Don't hesitate to check it! If you still can't find the answers you are looking for, please contact us

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