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If you are starting your journey and activating your transformation towards a Circular Economy, this section can help you better understand how the Circulab Academy works but also how to access our courses and tools. 

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If you can not find the answer to your question, please contact us , we'll do our best to help you. 

Our online courses are for anyone who wants to learn more about the circular and regenerative economy. Consultants, managers, designers, project managers, teachers, entrepreneurs our online courses are made for you.

Our online courses can be adapted to your needs. Choose a project, define the scope and the deliverables with the tutor. Adapt the content, exercices to your industry, project and context.

Contact us here to adapt the content to your company.

First, choose the course you want to participate in and select the course date. Then, fill in the validation form and we'll get back to you by email to complete your registration.

Our courses have precise pedagogical objectives which are detailed in the course documentation.
The Circulab Academy courses cover the themes of the circular economy, circular design, business design, sustainable development, CSR, business resilience, organisation transformation, disruptive innovation and supply chain.
However, we recommend you read the training program, available on the Circulab Academy website on the selected course webpage.
For the cohort courses, an email with the launch session details and the welcome booklet will be sent to you once your registration is complete.
For the self-paced courses, once the payment is complete, you will receive an email with your access codes to our online learning platform, the course welcome booklet and the tutorial videos.

No need to have a project or challenge in mind to start the training course.

The Circulab Academy offer two online training formats:
The self-paced online courses: 
  • You have access to the content at your own pace.
  • You have access to the secured forum in the education platform to exchange with your peers and the trainer.
  • You have the possibility to get personal feedbacks from the trainer, only on request, through the forum.
  • You have access to video Q/A session, live and recorded if included in the training program.
The cohort-based online courses: 
  • You have access to the content at your pace by following the program steps. The cohort-based programs are built to ensure that participants progress in a homogeneous way through the content.
  • You must contribute to the group work (from one at two hours per week). At the beginning of the training, the participants are allocated in small groups of 5 maximum.
  • You must organise your own group work time allocation within the group according to your availability.
  • You do not have to organise video-conference sessions to contribute to the group work, although this is helpful to create and maintain the group dynamics.
  • You should divide the tasks between each member of the group. For example, an investigation of the Value Chain will be divided between members, some will research the conception part and others the production part etc.
  • You will work in group on our tools accessible on our digital platforms (Mural/Miro), no need to create an account, we provide you with the access).
  • You have access to the secured forum in the education platform to exchange with your peers and the trainer.
  • You have the possibility to get personal feedbacks from the trainer, only on request.
  • You have access to video Q/A session, live and recorded if included in the training programme.
The content is made of short videos and exercises (quiz, open questions, case studies, interactive exercises on digital white board), accessible in our secured e-learning platform, SchoolMaker.
For the self-paced training, this platform allows you to do the training at your pace while we follow your progress.
For the cohort-based training, SchoolMaker allows you to work in group while we follow your individual and group progress.

You have access to the content, the recordings of the Q/A sessions, the forum and the Mural/Miro tools for 12 months from the start date of the course

You will get your certification "Catalyst" once you have completed the training "Master Circulab Design" and filled the feedback form.

If you want to read reviews and testimonials of our previous trainees, we recommend you to visit our Circulab page on Trustfolio.

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. To do so, indicate your choice once you have completed the validation form.

We are confident in the quality of our courses. However, if you are not satisfied, you have a 30-day cooling off period during which we offer full refund if you are not satisfied by the course quality.

Circulab provides tools that are vetted and used by many economic actors around the world. The principal tools are:
  • The Circular Canvas helps you rethink your business models, products, services, flow, projects to create sustainable and positive impacts.
  • The Partner Map enables you to identify the stakeholders of your business ecosystem, facilitate the collaboration, create shared values while anticipating the opportunities and obstacles that may arise in your project, solutions, service, product.
  • The Value Chain Canvas allows you to investigate, analyze and identify new opportunities in your value chain.

You can learn how to use our tools through our online courses.

Our tools are available on open access by respecting the copyright and the Creative Commons 4.0 licence.

Our free tools are available in different languages.

The Circulab tools allow you to analyze a context, map your impact, identify your key stakeholders and to innovate, create, design services, products, business models and busioness systems.

Thanks to our tools, you can start your transformation towards a circular and regenerative economy by considering and designing the whole business system.

The Biomimicards is a card game which allows you to understand the importance of preserving nature and how being inspired by it is a necessity to live in a truly sustainable world.
Consultants, students, professionals, designers, this game is designed to help you start a conversation with you students or prospects and initiate their circular and regenerative economy transformation pathway.
Circulab is an independent design studio and strategy consulting firm that helps social-economic actors worldwide to activate their transformation towards a circular economy.
In 2020, Circulab created the Circulab Academy to train professionals all around the world to the circular economy, circular design, business design and business resiliency through free tools and interactive online courses.
To know more, visit our Circulab and the Circulab Academy pages.

The Circulab community is a network of 100+ certified experts located in more than 22 territories across the world. The members are independent consultants, design agencies, consulting firms, universities operating in various sectors such as supply chain, eco-design, circular economy, CSR, sustainable development, consulting, R&D, education ...

The community members are certified to use the Circulab methodology and tools to help various organizations at all steps of their projects. They cooperate in various projects, co-develop trainings and tools together aiming at scaling positive impacts across industries and geographies.

Visit this page to learn more and reach out to members of the community in your territory

Completing the « Master Circular Design » training is a mandatory step before applying to join the community. Find out the benefits and process of joining the community on this page.
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