Biomimicry design tools

The Biomimicards: a game to understand innovation inspired by nature

To embrace the powers of nature and understand the need for preserving it, what’s better than playing a game?

We designed a playful experience with cards and even a board game, so that people can grasp the super-powers of nature and how it can help solve design problems. Thus, designers, professionals but also students can play together, be inspired by nature for their future endeavors.

Biomimicards for biomimicry
  • Learn Biomimicry

  • Be inspired for sustainable innovation

  • Reveal the superpowers of nature

  • Cooperate as a team

apply nature's principles

The Biomimicards

With the Biomimicards associate nature, business and technology and place humans at the core of this investigation, the game will help you understand biomimicry. Biomimicards are a true idea generator and can lead to sustainable innovations. They provide a new way of designing for businesses while being inspired by Nature.

This game promotes collaboration between participants, encourages innovation and co-construction together in a simple and fun way. The cards are divided into 5 major flows: Air, Energy, Water, Sound and Light. These flows concern multiple fields of application, such as transport, construction, health, etc.


With the Biomimicards and the 25 examples, players will discover the importance of biomimicry. They will learn the super power of some species to tackle challenges ahead.

Be inspired

By learning about the origins of some inventions thanks to the super powers cards, players will get new sources of inspiration for their everyday life and to create their future products, services and experiences.


The world tour game can only be solved as a team, only mutual help and listening can take up all the challenges and help all participants grasp new knowledge and skills together.

The Biomimicards design with Nature

Among the many events and projects led by Circulab, we have used the Biomimicards to:

Biomimicry and circular economy

The showroom for biomimicry, what was the Biomim’expo 2019?

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