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Global News and Trends

Ellen MacArthur Foundation - From ambition to action: an adaptive strategy for circular design

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, through this article tells us more about how systemic design enables organizations to start their transformation.

Vert - What are mega-pools and what does science say about them? Ten questions to understand everything (In French)

In this article, the Vert media explains the use and functioning of mega-basins. But also, provides us with expert opinions on their installation and usefulness.

Advisor - Consumers Care About How Their Wine Choices Impact the Environment and the Circular Economy

Surveys consistently report that consumers increasingly prefer food & beverage products that are sourced, produced, and packaged sustainably.

L'info durable - Agriculture in search of more water-efficient practices (In French)

The recent news and the many debates on mega-basins are encouraging farmers to review their water consumption. To do this, new innovations and alternative techniques are now available.

Libération - Insects: if they disappear, we disappear (In French)

As ladybirds and bees begin to decline, British biologist Dave Goulson demonstrates that the extinction of insects is a direct threat to the human species.


Europe, Middle East and Africa - Dutch are prepared to be ‘more circular’ if it is not inconvenient or costly

A new report from the Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) shows that Dutch consumers are ready to adopt a more responsible and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

novethic - Amsterdam Airport to ban private jets and night flights (In French)

In order to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has decided to ban private jets and night flights.

Circular - Plastic wet wipes to be banned in England next year

As part of a plan to reduce water pollution in England, environment minister Therese Coffey has told BBC News that most wet wipes are to be banned.

Vert - In 2022, French greenhouse gas emissions are expected to fall by 2.5% due to a mild winter (In French)

According to preliminary projections by Citepa, CO2 emissions in France will have fallen by 2.5% by 2022. However, this drop can be explained by a warm winter rather than by any real long-term measures.

Circular - 75% of British consumers support ban on plastic chewing gum

According to a recent survey of 2,000 people, 75% of British consumers would support a ban on plastic chewing gum

All Africa - Tanzania: Concerted Efforts in Waste Management Touted

MOSHI District Commissioner Kisare Makori said that the government is committed to promoting and creating an enabling environment for business and the achievement of sustainable development goals.


North America

WasteAdvantage - American Circular Textiles Group Calls for New Policies to Address Waste in the Fashion Industry

A first white paper has been published by the American Circular Textiles (ACT) group, a coalition of leading circularity organisations in the US.

Latin America News

Latin America

msn - Fast fashion goes to die in the world's largest fog desert. The scale is breathtaking

Many fast fashion textiles land in the Chilean desert of Atacama. And the way these textiles arrived in Chile tells the story of modern fast fashion very well.

The Washington Post - Mexico’s climate goals, energy policies and relationship with the U.S.

Increasing heat waves and droughts in Mexico highlight the impact of climate change. On 20 April, Washington Post Live visited Mexico City to speak with the foreign secretary about the country's climate goals.

APAC news

Asia Pacific

Le Courrier du Vietnam - Green transition: where does Vietnam stand? (In French)

Due to climate change, the Vietnamese government encourages all so-called "green" production and investment activities.


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