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— Global News and Trends —

Big media - Day E: Towards circular reindustrialization (in french)

Paul-François Fournier, the Executive Director Innovation of Bpifrance, hosted a conference on circular reindustrialization on April 4 on Jour E. Eléonore Blondeau, circular industry expert & co-founder of CSI France and Christian Bruere, president of Mob-ion spoke.

ESM Magazine - How Adoption Of Regenerative Food Practices Can Enable Nature To Thrive (in english)

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation highlights how farmers are joining global efforts to bring nature positive food to supermarket shelves.

ConsoGlobe - No more than two years to save the world, says UN climate chief (in french)

The planet is sounding the alarm. There are two years left to deviate from the path of climate disaster. This urgent summons comes from the UN Climate Summit, the echo of a world demanding concrete action in the face of a crisis that is becoming ever more acute. The G20, a major player in this fight, faces a major challenge.

— Europe, Middle East and Africa —

Carenews - CSRD: a new white paper to understand the essentials! (in french)

Carenews publishes a white paper to understand everything about the CSRD and understand the changes that this directive brings about at European level.

Afrik 21 - DRC: the “Tujenge” initiative will strengthen climate resilience in the city of Béni (in french)

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), around ten associations are implementing the “Tujenge” project to enable the populations of the town of Béni to pull themselves together in the face of armed and climatic attacks which are compromising their development and neighboring natural sites.

Environment News - The French sustainability index may come into force (in french)

The regulations relating to the sustainability index have been published. It will only apply to electrical and electronic equipment. In nine months, the first clues will appear among sellers of televisions and washing machines.

Capital - Ecobalyse: a new label on your clothes to measure their environmental impact (in french)

It will now be possible to know the environmental impact of our pants, sweatshirts or shoes. Ecobalysis is officially launched this Wednesday April 3 by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. This label, displayed on clothing, the rating of which will go from zero to infinity, aims to fight against ultra-fast fashion and raise consumer awareness of responsible purchasing.

Circular Online - Scotland records all-time high recycling rate (in english)

Scotland generated 10.16 million tonnes of waste and recycled 62.3% in 2022, which is the highest recycling rate recorded it has recorded.

Circular Online - UK households discard 90 billion pieces of plastic annually, survey shows (in english)

The Big Plastic Count found that UK households discard an estimated 90 billion plastic pieces annually, with 17% being recycled domestically.

Vox - While many reefs are dying, this one is exploding with new life (in english)

Scientists have declared a mass global bleaching event. But some reefs are still hanging on — and even thriving.

— North America —

Fortune - How America’s sustainability backlash is causing a transatlantic divide (in english)

European companies are further embracing sustainability in their value chain as American companies see pushback.

Recycling Today - Americas Act receives support from SMART Association (in english)

Introduced in March, the Americas Act includes more than $14 billion in federal incentives for innovation in the textile and fashion recycling sectors.

— Asia Pacific —

People's Daily Online - China's booming second-hand market fuels circular economy (in english)

A report released by Tsinghua University's Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy and other institutes revealed that China's second-hand market has reached 1 trillion yuan ($138 billion) since 2020.

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