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Global News and Trends

Le Moniteur - Circular economy: Neo-Eco helps with reconstruction in Ukraine (In French)

The company Neo-Eco has been charged with a project to deconstruct six buildings. The aim of this project is to recover and reuse 98% of the waste for future construction.

UNEP - Plastic Treaty progress puts spotlight on circular economy

In this article discover how the global treaty on plastic pollution is progressing and how it relates to the circular economy.

Big Think - How circular economics can make us happier and less stressed

In his latest book, Douglas Rushkoff challenges the linear thinking of some people and argues that a circular economic model can both meet people's needs and promote sustainable prosperity.

Franceinfo - "TotalEnergies is a long way from taking the IPCC's conclusions into account": scientists denounce the oil giant's manipulation of their reports (In French)

The strategy of the oil group TotalEnergies has been severely criticized. The group is accused of using the work of experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to justify its investments in fossil fuels.

Open Access Government - Repurposing food waste into sustainable alternatives

A new study suggests that food producers should recycle their food waste into sustainable fuels, products that can be used for food production.

European Environment Agency - Markets for many commonly recycled materials struggle in the EU

According to a European Environment Agency (EEA) assessment published today, from the eight most common recyclables, only aluminium, paper and glass have well-functioning secondary markets. Lack of standardisation and competition with new materials are among the challenges for other markets, such as wood and textiles.

Forbes - This Original Series Is 100% Focused On Circularity And Sustainable Design

A new series on EarthxTV, Chez Laurence, will focus on circularity and sustainability in design and architecture. Find out more in this Forbes article.

Actu Environnement - TotalEnergies under investigation for greenwashing(In French)

According to Mediapart, the French fraud control authority has launched an investigation against TotalEnergies for "misleading commercial practices".


Europe, Middle East and Africa

Brookings - Will a global circular economy help or hurt Africa?

Bright Simons, founder of mPedigree, discusses the opportunities of Circular Economy in Africa and suggests ways in which Circular Economy can be developed without affecting poverty in the south of the continent.

Actu Environnement - The Business Climate Convention extends its model to the regions (In French)

The convention of companies for the climate is being launched in Provence-Côte d'Azur-Corsica with the aim of developing a regenerative action.

European Commission - ReSet the Trend: EU calls on young people to promote circular and sustainable fashion

The European Commission has launched a new campaign, named ReSet the Trend, to raise people awareness about the dangers of fast fashion, its consequences but also  about the need to develop sustainable and circular textiles. 

Euractiv - The time to scale-up energy storage in southeastern Europe is now

With the current geopolitical crisis and the disruption of the global market, the European Commission is more than ever committed to accelerating the deployment of renewable energy.

Le Monde - Rooftops as new living spaces in overcrowded cities (In French)

In view of the upcoming climatic disturbances (floods, heat waves), roofs appear to be an effective solution. - A circular economy to tackle space junk

Researchers in Southampton have recently found a method to estimate the value and mass of space debris.

Usbek & Rica - "People would rather have cod skin grafts than cadaver skin" (In French)

Meet Fertram Sigurjonsson, founder of Kerecis, who offers a new solution to facilitate skin grafts: cod skin.


North America

Radio Canada - New pilot project in Calgary to reduce corporate food waste (In french)

A new pilot project will soon begin in Calgary, Canada, to increase composting and tackle food waste.

Waste 360 - Circular Systems Boost Minnesota's Economic Conditions

A new report highlights the economic impact of the reuse systems in the state of Minnesota.

Latin America News

Latin America

edie - Colombia’s energy transition and Triodos’s loan for rewilding: The sustainability success stories of the week

In this selection of articles, find out how Colombia is refusing to allow new oil and gas exploration, how British companies are working together to tackle food waste and much more.

Yahoo - Growth Opportunities in the Circular Economy of Plastic Packaging Recycling in LATAM: Mechanical Recycling to Increase Plastic Reuse Rates

Latin American countries are facing significant challenges related to waste management, particularly plastic waste. A new study provides a comprehensive analysis of this issue and the growth opportunities that can arise from it.

APAC news

Asia Pacific

The Economic Times - UNDP India launches campaign to drive inclusive circular economy

To promote sustainability, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in India launched a new initiative in January that will focus on end-to-end plastic waste management.

DD India - Some of the indigenous innovative solutions for strengthening the circular economy

Dr Prateek Kanakia and Richa Sharma tell us more about innovative solutions to develop and strengthen Circular Economy initiatives. 

Vietnam plus - Singapore-Malaysia: cooperation in green transition and circular economy (In French)

Singapore and Malaysia wished to strengthen their cooperation while promoting opportunities in the green and digital economy as well as data protection and cyber security.

The Economic Times - Maharashtra to set up four circular economy parks for major industries

Maharashtra, India, is going to set up circular economy parks for the principal industries. The main objective of these parks is to focus on the recycling of scrap metal and other waste.

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