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Global News and Trends

WCBE - Leading in Circles: The Inevitable Circular Economy

Christoph Hinske from the University of Saxony joined the podcast Innovating Leadership: Co-Creating Our Future where he highlighted the limits of the circular economy model and the problems it can cause.

CNBC - Leading in Circles: The Inevitable Circular Economy

For some actors and a limited network of countries, the world's most widely used indicator of a country's economic health is no longer relevant to the current situation. 

The World Economic Forum - 5 levers for decarbonizing the global economy and tackling climate change

The world is facing many harmful events for human and natural ecosystems. In this article, the World Economic Forum highlights 5 levers to decarbonise our current economy and create a more sustainable economy. 

Usbek & Rica - Can design make sobriety (really) desirable? (In French)

The world is facing many harmful events for human and natural ecosystems. In this article, the World Economic Forum highlights 5 levers to decarbonise our current economy and create a more sustainable economy.

goodd - If you don't know how to explain what a regenerative enterprise is, you may lack credibility... (In French)

In this article, the author highlights why a company should become a regeneration actor but also how and why this is essential for our future. 


Europe, Middle East and Africa

RTBF - BeCircular: 37 projects related to the circular economy selected for €3.3 million (In French)

Following a call for projects from BeCircular, 37 out of 141 projects were selected to receive funding of up to €200,000 per project. Discover the winners!

zegreenweb - French wood, at the heart of the circular economy (In French)

Find out how wood in France is part of a circular economy and how the properties of wood are put to use.

Euractiv - EU countries prepare for textile recycling big bang

Textile recycling stakeholders believe that EU countries should now be forced to collect and sort used textiles. 

msn - Circular economy: Human hair recycled to clean waterways in Belgium

A Belgian NGO has invented a new solution that uses scraps of human hair to absorb pollutants in water. 

Ouest France - Less waste in our lives by 2023: here's what's changing on 1 January when it comes to waste (In French)

Following the vote of the Agec law in February 2020, several elements will change and come into force in France from 1 January 2023. From plastic to composting, discover the new measures. 

Novethic - Greenwashing: Since 1 January, it has been forbidden to boast about the carbon neutrality of products unless it can be proven (In French)

In France, under the 2021 Climate and Resilience Act, companies and advertisers can no longer promote the carbon neutrality of a product or service without concrete evidence. 

L'Usine Nouvelle - Three NGOs attack Danone for its slow "deplastification (In French)

The NGOs Zero Waste France, ClientEarth and Surfrider Foundation Europe are taking the French group Danone to court for non-compliance with the law on the duty of care regarding the use of plastic.

DownToEarth - Rwanda launches plan for next 14 years with focus on circular economy

Rwanda has decided to put the circular economy at the centre. To do so, the country has launched a 14-year action plan and roadmap. $211.2 million is needed to implement it.

Department for the Economy - Public consultation launched for draft Circular Economy Strategy for Northern Ireland

The UK Government has launched a public consultation on the draft Circular Economy Strategy for Northern Ireland. The aim of the draft strategy is to set out a vision that by 2050 Northern Ireland will have an innovative, inclusive and competitive economy. 


North America

Les Echos - COP15: Companies encouraged to disclose their impact on biodiversity (In French)

The Montreal Biodiversity Accord of December 2022 calls on nations to ensure that large companies and financial institutions regularly report on their risks, dependencies and impacts on biodiversity.

American Chemistry Council - Michigan Becomes 21st State to Enact Bipartisan Advanced Recycling Legislation 

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed bipartisan legislation last December that will ensure more plastics are recycled. Find out more in the American Chemistry Council article.

The Guardian - ‘Face it head on’: Connecticut makes climate change studies compulsory

Connecticut schools will now have to include environmental issues and topics on climate change in their curriculum.

Waste Advantage Magazine - Advocates Hail New Carpet Recycling Law

A new carpet recycling law has just been signed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul. This law allows the extension of producer responsibility and the creation of more accessible recycling sites. 

Los Angeles Times - California is leading the nation on cutting plastic trash. But it still needs to do more

Despite new laws in California to reduce single-use plastic waste, more and more waste is being generated, and a majority of it is not being recycled or recovered. Find out more about the proposals to address this problem in this article. 

Latin America News

Latin America

Mission newswire - COLOMBIA: Special award for carbon neutrality received

As part of the Business Recognition in Sustainability program, which aims to encourage companies to develop a more local and sustainable economy, the city of Don Bosco in Colombia has won a special award for its carbon neutrality. 

APAC news

Asia Pacific

South China Morning Post - How Beijing’s circular economy policy is driving recycling in carbon-intensive sectors

Beijing has introduced a new policy to increase waste recycling in several energy- and carbon-intensive industries. 

Canberra Weekly - Canberra paves way as a sustainable, circular economy city

Australian Minister Chris Steel talks about the initiatives that should be put in place to reduce, reuse, recycle and encourage people to recycle.

The Times of India - India’s initiative towards sustainable environment

As part of Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment), the Indian government proposes a list of practices that aim to promote more environmentally friendly behavior. These actions include saving energy, water etc.

Vietnam plus - Circular economy - Initial steps taken in Con Dao

Vietnam, for whom the concept of the circular economy is relatively new, has decided to apply the principles of the circular economy in the Con Dao district. The aim is to develop a green and sustainable economy throughout the country.

The Economic Times - How Budget 2023 can help India build a circular economy in renewables

By 2023, India's budget will be substantial. This will make it easier to incorporate circular economy principles that could enable the country to address issues of mineral criticality and supply vulnerability. 

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