The Global Observer – January 2024

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— Global News and Trends —

Voltimum - Electrical products in the circular economy: good for business (in English)

As conversation hots up over the energy transition, Jean Miyeli, Segment & Sustainability Strategy Director for Eaton Electrical, EMEA, examines why circular economy thinking will be increasingly influential in the electrical industry.

Waste Advantage Magazine - Commentary: 2023: The Circular Economy In Review (in English)

During 2023, the idea of creating a circular economy captured the imagination of many more people. The reuse of materials is the basis for a global comprehensive approach.

Msn - Can AI boost data-driven policymaking in the circular economy? (in English)

There may not be a silver bullet solution to climate change, but AI-based research can help us find solutions to the most complex crisis of our time, Marijana Novak and Megan Murdie write.

— Europe, Middle East and Africa —

Minerva Manifest - EU says circular economy 'vital' to achieve climate goals(in English)

The European Commissions has renewed its commitment to a circular economy and reducing reliance on fresh resources.

ESI Africa - Solid waste management practices in Africa need to change(in English)

Waste generation in Africa is expected to triple by 2050 placing enormous pressure on solid waste management practices.

Les Echos - Composting, the missed opportunity (in French)

GOOD ECONOMY. They had four years to prepare. But communities are still very far from having all put in place a composting system for their citizens, as the Agec law has imposed on them since January 1.

— North America —

Recycling today - REMADE Institute lays plans for April 2024 event (in English)

The institute will partner with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to co-host the 2024 Remade Circular Economy Technology Summit & Conference in Washington April 10-11.

— Asia Pacific —

Vietnam Investment Review - Vietnam exceeds decarbonization rate targets set by Nationally Determined Contributions (in English)

Five Asia-Pacific economies, including Vietnam, have exceeded their decarbonization targets, according to PwC's Net Zero Economy Index 2023.

Eco Business - Over 130 Asian companies to start nature-related risk reporting by FY2025  (in English)

Led by Japan, Taiwan and Australia, Asia’s listed companies account for 42 per cent of global early adopters that intend to begin reporting against the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures framework.

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