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Global News and Trends

IPCC - AR6 Synthesis Report Climate Change 2023 

Read the latest IPCC synthesis report here.

Greenpeace - 10 things to know about the IPCC Climate Science Report 

In this article, discover the key elements that you should know about the latest IPCC report.

Circular - Report highlights growing circular business models in renewables sector

The new Green Purposes Company report highlights the many examples of circular business models in the renewable energy sector and suggests recommendations for the development of Circular Economy solutions. 

Reporterre - Total Energy's mega-project in Africa: NGOs defeat in court (In French)

Defeat for the NGOs opposed to Total Energies' project in Uganda and Tanzania. On February 28, the Paris court dismissed the opponents of the multinational.

Reporterre - Eacop: TotalEnergies' climate change project in 6 figures (In French)

In this article, discover in a few figures the scope of TotalEnergies' Eacop project in Uganda and Tanzania.

XERFI Canal - The post-growth era: living happily in a stationary economy (In French)

Timothée Parrique, a researcher in ecological economics at the University of Lund in Sweden, was invited by Xerfi Canal to discuss the post-growth era.

Engineering News - Circular economy can benefit municipalities, communities and the environment

Dr Timoteus Kadhila, who holds a PhD in Public and Development Management from Stellenbosch University, suggests municipalities implement circular economy initiatives.


Europe, Middle East and Africa

Circular - New report shows how cities drive Europe’s circular economy

The new Circular Cities Declaration (CCD) report highlights initiatives and measures taken by European cities to support the transition to a circular economy.

Afrik 21 - The Seed launches a call for projects to finance climate resilience (In French)

In 2023, a new Global Partnership for Action on Sustainable Development and Circular Economy will finance new climate change adaptation projects in Africa, including Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Kenya.

Euractiv - Critical minerals: recycling ‘not a silver bullet’, industry says

On the occasion of the publication of the European Commission's Critical Raw Materials Law, the recycling industry issued a warning: "Europe should not get its hopes too high on recycling, at least not in the short term ». 

All Africa - Ghana: U.S.$2.4 Billion Required to Implement Roadmap to Circular Economy

To enable the implementation of the roadmap developed to guide Ghana's transition to a circular economy over the next ten years, US$2.4 billion is required. - Switzerland's citizens want a circular economy, but not to share products

While circular economy initiatives are increasingly in demand, Swiss citizens are positive about this new economic model, but under certain conditions ...

European Commission - Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference reinforces the role of the circular economy in driving the EU’s strategic autonomy, green competitiveness and resilience

On 27-28 February, the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee hosted the sixth edition of the Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference.

ADEME presse - Environmental impact of digital technology in 2030 and 2050: ADEME and ARCEP publish a prospective assessment (In French)

Discover the latest ADEME study on the digital carbon footprint. This could triple by 2020 and 2050 if no measures are taken to limit the growth of the environmental impact of digital technology.


North America

Canadian Dimension - Canada needs a real plan to take on Big Plastic

Find out in this article how much plastic waste there is in Canada and what the government is doing to stop it.

Latin America News

Latin America

La Tribune - Renewable energy: Latin America, future world leader (In French)

According to a report by an American NGO, Latin America will become a major producer of renewable energy. Indeed, over the next seven years, many solar panel installation projects will be implemented.

APAC news

Asia Pacific

Just Style - Bangladesh shares reuse fabric waste vision for circular economy

The president of BGMEA wants to move towards a circular economy in the Bangladesh apparel industry by reusing fabric waste.


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