The Global Observer – March 2024

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This monthly selection of articles has been brought to you by the Circulab Community - a network of 100+ circular economy experts spread across 22+ territories.

— Global News and Trends —

Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Aiming for 100% circularity: Amsterdam (in english)

The City of Amsterdam has set itself the ultimate goal of becoming a fully circular city by 2050.

L'Info Durable - A map to imagine the climate of cities in 2100 (in french)

Climate Change Explorer is a scientific tool that compares the climates of several cities at different times. The interactive map allows you to concretely imagine the future, but also serves to raise awareness of the issues of climate change.

— Europe, Middle East and Africa —

Devdiscourse - UNEA6 : African countries called to take measures to adopt circular economy practices (in english)

At the sixth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA6), the African Development Bank has called for African countries to take urgent, concrete measures to adopt circular economy practices and boost efficient resource use for sustainable production and consumption.

Circular Online - ESA and BPF launch plastic recycling awareness campaign (in english)

The Environmental Services Association and British Plastics Federation have launched a campaign to educate public about plastic recycling. - Gironde is launching a large-scale experiment in “social food security” (in french)

This Tuesday, a common food fund is officially activated with 400 Girondins. Objective: facilitate access to sustainable food for all.

Circular Online - Industry open letter calls for mandatory public food waste reporting (in english)

Too Good To Go has published an open letter signed by over 30 companies advocating for mandatory public food waste reporting.

We Demain - Recycling: Ademe's French report calls for necessary acceleration (in french)

On the occasion of World Recycling Day, this Monday March 18, 2024, ADEME presents its report on the state of recycling in France. Between reasons to rejoice and lagging sectors.

— North America —

Waste Dive - How 3 large states want to address waste with federal climate funding | Waste Dive (in english)

The U.S. EPA announced that 45 states and dozens of metropolitan areas submitted priority climate action plans as part of applying for the agency's Climate Pollution Reduction Grants program.

— Asia Pacific —

The Star - Regional media powerhouses form Asia’s first Sustainability Impact Consortium (in english)

Star Media Group, Kompas Gramedia and the Inquirer Group of Companies form a strategic alliance to accelerate ESG awareness and empower the business landscape in Asia

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