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— Global News and Trends —

Circular economy target - setting: New Guidance and Insights from Industry Leaders (in english)

This reference guide is designed to support companies in navigating the complex circular target-setting landscape, enabling them to set and achieve quantifiable, targeted KPIs that drive measurable progress towards circularity.

Usbek & Rica - "Climate change is not a priority for designers of artificial intelligence" (in french)

Do artificial intelligences pollute more than they contribute to decarbonizing certain sectors? Is it possible to develop low-tech AI? An interview with Priya Donti, executive director of the association Climate Change AI and specialist in machine learning.

Zero Waste France - Treaty on plastic pollution: an event not to be missed  (in french)

In June 2023, France will host the second session of international negotiations in Paris, the main objective of which is to put an end to plastic pollution.

MSN - What Is Circular Fashion, And How Can You Take Part? (in english)

In this article, find out more about circular fashion and why it is necessary to adopt it.

Edie - Report: Economic benefits of circular economy for the Global South ‘underestimated’ (in english)

Research into how the transition to a circular economy could create jobs and boost economies has been biased towards wealthy nations, a new report claims, with gains for the Global South likely to be underestimated.

— Europe, Middle East and Africa —

20 minutes - Climate change: The Netherlands unveils measures worth 28 billion euros (in french)

The Netherlands aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels

Investigate Europe - Europe's circular economy is leaking (in english)

European Union plans for a circular plastic economy are failing. Countries still ship their plastic waste, burn it and dump it in landfills. The plastic industry, meanwhile, continues to wield its influence and push against initiatives. - All of Europe - Circular economy: MEPs want to put an end to "fast-fashion" (in french)

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament called, Thursday, April 27, to better regulate the economic model of fast fashion which is based on large volumes of low-cost and lower quality clothing.

franceinfo - Drought in Spain: in Barcelona, tourism, very water-intensive, singled out (in french)

The record drought that Spain is experiencing at the moment is particularly affecting Barcelona, at the start of the tourist season.

JRC Publications Repository - A systematic analysis of EU publications on the Circular Economy (in english)

The latest European Commissions's report proposes a systematic analysis of all EU publications on the circular economy available in the database of the Publications Office of the European Union until December 31, 2022.

Huffpost - Even Volvic is subject to water restrictions due to drought (in french)

Nearly forty municipalities in Puy-de-Dôme are affected by water restrictions due to drought, including that of Volvic where Danone uses its mineral water.

RTS - Bad pupil in circular economy, Switzerland could adopt a new law (in french)

The National Council must consider this week a parliamentary initiative aimed at developing the circular economy. Switzerland is lagging behind globally: only 7% of what is consumed there is reused or recycled.

UP Magazine - How do circular economy players foreshadow the future of cities? (in french)

The circular economy and solidarity reuse are able to provide innovative solutions, like Ïkos, the first second-hand village to see the light of day in France, making Bordeaux and its metropolis an inspiring territory that meets the challenges of its time.

— North America —

Washington State Department of Ecology - Ecology seeks comments on rule for recycled content in plastic packaging(in english)

A key piece of Washington’s 2021 plastics law aims to reduce the production of new plastic for consumer packaging by requiring producers of certain product categories to include a minimum amount of post-consumer recycled content (PCRC) in trash bags and plastic packaging containers. The Washington Department of Ecology is now asking the public to review and comment on a proposed rule

CCMM - Accelerating the circular economy in Montreal: an opportunity to position the city and its businesses as leaders in the green economy (in french)

The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal presents a new brief as part of the consultation on the Montreal circular economy roadmap.

Waste Dive - Oregon Gov. Kotek signs foam ban, allows customers’ reusable containers at restaurants  (in english)

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek signed into law new bills in May 2023 to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in the state of Oregon.

— Asia Pacific —

FULCRUM - Circular Economy for ASEAN’s Sustainable Future (in english)

Patree Witoonchart and Kannika Thampanishvong draw lessons from the implementation of Thailand’s Bio-Circular-Green Economy and how ASEAN countries can envision their circular economies.

Le Courrier du Vietnam - Vietnam publishes plan to achieve net zero by 2050 (in french)

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has released a plan on solutions to realize Vietnam's commitment to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050.

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