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— Global News and Trends —

Circular - How to scale the circular economy (in english)

Peter C. Evans, Chief Strategy Officer at McFadyen Digital,  explains the power of circular platforms to scale the circular economy.

Hospitality & Catering News - Circular Economy's Transformational Impact on Hospitality and Catering (in english)

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the hospitality and catering industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by the principles of the circular economy. This shift is revolutionising how businesses operate, source materials, and manage waste.

Circular - New report proposes 15 global policies to end plastic pollution (in english)

A new report claims globally coordinated policies could cut annual mismanaged plastics by 90% and virgin plastic production by 30% by 2040.

EcpWatch - Microplastics in Clouds Could 'Modify the Climate,' Study Finds - EcoWatch (in english)

Japanese researchers confirmed microplastics in clouds where they are likely to affect the climate in ways not yet fully realized.

The Guardian - Circular economy: sustainable industry initiatives in Europe – in pictures  (in english)

Luca Locatelli, an Italian photographer, has been researching the circular economy: the circulation of products and materials and the regeneration of nature

Les Echos - Reusable packaging: the consumer, a decisive part of the equation according to McKinsey(in french)

According to a study on the impacts of reusable packaging, carried out on a global scale by the consulting firm McKinsey, the complexity of the transformation is not without additional costs, especially if consumer behavior does not evolve, to favor rates rotation required.

Friends of the Earth - Beyond Growth Open Letter (in english)

Timothée Parrique, Kate Raworth, Vincent Liegey, Friends of the Earth Europe, Wellbeing Economy Alliance - WEAll, European Environmental Bureau, and European Youth Forum alongside 400 experts and activists co-signer an open letter, addressing critical structural reforms in the European Union.

Courrier International - The US government imposes the first ever fine for “space debris”(in french)

The American telecommunications and satellite television operator Dish Network will have to pay $150,000 for not having properly de-orbited one of its satellites

— Europe, Middle East and Africa —

LSA - Christophe Béchu buries the deposit for bottles and cans... which disappoints manufacturers (in french)

After a year of consultation and fourteen long meetings on the theme of deposits on packaging, Christophe Béchu, Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, finally announced that there will be no deposit for recycling.

WE DEMAIN - Towards carbon neutrality: France's energy ambitions for 2035(in french)

RTE France's 2023 forecast reveals the scenarios envisaged to transform the French energy system by 2035.

La Dauphine - Ardeche. They run a tractor with manure: “It’s a real circular economy” (in french)

Imagine a farm where we no longer run on diesel. A farm where manure, transformed into biogas, becomes methane and supplies all the tractors, in addition to the domestic gas networks.

Open Access Government - How can Europe and its industry transition to a more circular and sustainable society? circular and sustainable society (in english)

Mattias Lindahl and Carl Dalhammar explore how Europe and its industry can transition to a more circular and sustainable society.

Ministry of Ecological Transition et Territorial cohesion - France facing the nine planetary boundaries (in french)

This publication sheds light on the conceptual framework of the nine planetary limits and defines the situation of France in relation to these nine limits.

Trade Arabia - UAE launches ‘Waste to Zero’ drive ahead of COP28 (in english)

Ahead of Conference of the Parties (COP28), UAE has launched ‘Waste to Zero’, a global initiative to mobilise and advance waste decarbonisation efforts, and to establish a circular economy platform.

L'info Durable - Green light in Parliament for the green industry law (in french)

The green industry law came to fruition on Wednesday October 11 with the final adoption of a text which aims to reindustrialize France while promoting decarbonization.

— North America —

Reuters - US finalizes plans to phase out single-use plastic on public lands (in english)

The agency that oversees one-fifth of U.S. lands finalized plans to phase out single-use plastics in public spaces like national parks and wildlife refuges within the next decade.

— Asia Pacific —

Fashion United - Moving towards a circular economy : insights from the Sankalp Global Summit 2023 (in english)

FashionUnited presents highlights from the circular economy track dedicated to the textile and apparel sector at the Sankalp Global Summit.

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