The Global Observer – September 2023

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— Global News and Trends —

Grist - How the 'circular economy' went from environmentalist dream to marketing buzzword (in english)

A case for a better definition of what circularity is, based on the learnings from the Circularity 23 conference in Seattle.

autoevolution - Circular Economy Principles Would Break the Legs of the Traditional Automotive Industry (in english)

A look into what circular economy could mean for the automotive industry

Imperial College London -  Policymakers must listen to scientists for circular economy success (in english)

A report provides ten recommendations to see governments and policymakers boost success of circular economy plans

Usbek & Rica - Scientists have discovered a "methane-eating" bacterium (in french)

A study published on August 21 in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that the bacterium methylotuvimicrobium buryatense 5GB1C is capable of absorbing large quantities of methane, an extremely polluting greenhouse gas. What potentially limit the extent of global warming, provided you can grow it in the laboratory.

Usbek & Rica - Is the Burning Man festival experiencing an existential climate crisis? (in french)

The particularly harsh weather conditions of the 2022 edition discouraged a number of festival-goers from going to the famous Burning Man for the 2023 component.

Forbes France - Is the circular economy really more expensive for the consumer? A call to companies (in french)

The circular economy is often perceived as a luxury that only well-established companies can afford. Is this really the case?

Le Monde - Faced with the hegemony of plastic and the dead ends of recycling, humanity still without a solution (in french)

Nothing seems able to slow down the growth of the plastic materials market, the volume of which is set to triple by 2060. Recycling is struggling and no substitute product is yet up to the challenge, raising fears of a lasting pollution of the planet.

TNGlobal - What is the circular economy, and why should F&B companies care? (in english)

Transitioning to a circular reusable packaging system should not be viewed as a costly and mandatory shift. Instead, it’s an opportunity to build sustainable operating models, engage with customers in new ways — and do your part in improving the environment.

— Europe, Middle East and Africa —

Positive News - The world’s first zero-waste island (in english)

A tiny Greek island has undergone a green revolution, becoming energy self-sufficient and permanently closing its landfill site

MSN - Faro: making quality fashion accessible and combatting textile waste in Africa (in english)

Find out how Faro is tackling the problem of clothing in Africa, where the continent has become the main dumping ground for the global fast-fashion industry.

— Asia Pacific —

MSN - Extended producer responsibility: Stepping stone to Malaysia's circular economy (in english)

The recent implementation of the mandatory extended producer responsibility (EPR) project is one of the major strategies highlighted in the Malaysian Plastics.

Packaging Gateway - Towards a more regenerative model in packaging waste in Asia Features - (in english)

Avery Dennison's senior vice-president of label and graphic materials in Asia Pacific, Anil K Sharma, discusses the continent's potential for regeneration and sustainability

Maritime Logistics - Australia and California Agree to Cooperate on Climate Action (in english)

The governments of Australia and California have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate shared efforts on climate action and energy transition.

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