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— Global News and Trends —

Polytechnique Insights - The limits of the circular economy (in french)

The journal of the Polytechnic Institute of Paris publishes a file on the limits of the circular economy, such as the rebound effect.

Forbes - How To Bring The Circular Economy To The Global South (in english)

The issue of how the world can shift towards a circular economy was back in the spotlight with the second round of negotiations in Paris on a global agreement to beat plastic pollution.

— Europe, Middle East and Africa —

Actu-environnement - Circular economy: European monitoring indicators highlight slow progress (in french)

The European Commission has just published a new monitoring framework for the circular economy. The results are not good: "faster progress is needed to meet EU resource efficiency targets".

Carenews - Reuse: what challenges do circular economy players face? (in french)

In May, reuse and reconditioning players took part in the national symposium “How do circular economy players foreshadow the future of cities? organized in Bordeaux by a group of SSE actors.

Euractiv - Plastic pollution: Treaty talks get into the nitty-gritty (in english)

Countries grappling with the "immense" task of ending plastic pollution began a new round of talks in Paris, amid protests and warnings of the urgency to act.

The Print - UAE's advanced circular economy opens bilateral cooperation opportunities: Finnish diplomat (in english)

The UAE’s circular economy infrastructure is the most developed in the Gulf region, which opens many interesting opportunities for bilateral cooperation with Finland, a senior Finnish diplomat told the Emirates News Agency (WAM).

Le Monde - Global warming: changing our territories and our visions of the world (in french)

With the "Adaptation" project, a survey in eleven chapters published until July 16, "Le Monde" tells the extent of the projects that must open without delay throughout France in the face of the upheavals in progress. A contribution to the movement of peaceful refoundation that urgency imposes on our societies.

The Parliament Magazine - Repairing the circle: The benefits of a circular economy (in english)

Anna Cavazzini, chair of European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, looks into European policies related to the repair service.

Today Morocco - The African Energy Efficiency Meetings focused on the circular economy (in french)

The 8th edition of the African Energy Efficiency Meetings was held in Casablanca, bringing together 200 participants. This meeting was an opportunity to analyze the issues and challenges of the circular economy and energy efficiency.

L'Usine Nouvelle - A plea for the circular supply chain (in french)

Anaïs Leblanc, associate director of Citwell, and former MP François-Michel Lambert, founder of the National Institute for the Circular Economy, call on public authorities to ensure that the green transition does not forget logistics.

— North America —

Syracuse - By embracing ‘circular economy,’ NY can minimize waste, create opportunity (in english)

Legislature should enact extended producer responsibility to reduce packaging waste - but also improve recycling, says the letter writer.

GreenBiz - Evergreen State + Emerald City = Circular economy (in english)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell talk up a "waste not, want not" economy that lifts all boats, and they seek support to create it.

GreenBiz (YouTube) - Seattle’s Climate Mitigation & Circular Economy Policy Advisor shares the city's circular plans (in english)

Ashima Sukhdev shares how Seattle is accelerating the circular economy with major initiatives and a special focus on food waste and reuse.

— Asia Pacific —

The Indian Express - Cabinet approves scheme for circular economy in Smart Cities (in english)

India's Union Cabinet approved the City Investments to Innovate, Integrate and Sustain (CITIIS) 2.0 to promote circular economy in 18 smart cities to be selected through a competition.

The SpinOff - The Shows: How Bangladesh discusses about circular economy (in english)

The first Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit has just debuted.

Pulse News Korea - Korea to speed up circular economy projects across nine industries (in english)

The South Korean government is accelerating the implementation of circular economy practices across industries by establishing CE 9 Project, focusing nine major sectors with the aim of promoting the widespread adoption of circular economy principles.

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