How to seize the opportunities offered by Circular Economy in retail?

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Type of project : Training
Country : France
Type of organization: Company
Line of business: Cosmetics
Tool used : Circular Canvas

Lancôme, part of the L'Oréal group, is a French company specializing in luxury cosmetics. It is one of the world's leading beauty brands.

Case study : LANCÔME


As part of its commitments, Lancôme contacted the Circulab Academy to provide a training for its retail teams in order to improve their processes.


Lancôme's retail teams wanted a training program that would enable them to rethink the way they design, reduce waste and their carbon footprint while keeping costs down.


To meet the main needs of the teams, we thought it was important for them to fully understand the opportunities offered by Circular Economy in their activities. To do so, a two-day training course was organized, with both theoretical and practical aspects.

Key points

These two days of training enabled retail teams to :


  • Understand Circular Economy and systems thinking

  • Synthesize the system around a product/service to identify its economic, social and environmental impacts

  • Apply circular design to their projects using the Circular Canvas


Twenty people were trained and were able to improve their practices by integrating circular design into their projects.

I'd recommend this training course for my department at Lancôme (...) The first part on systems thinking appealed to me, it's a total discovery. The Canevas tool is great, but requires practice and coaching.

Damien De Besombes

2023-03-16 16.51.32

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