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Circular design toolkit: get started to make Circular Economy a reality

With this toolkit you will  discover the connections between design and the regeneration of ecosystems. It will help you understand circular design, take your first steps to include Circular Economy principles into your projects and transform the way you do business.

The Circular Design Toolkit
  • Why turn to circular design?

  • Understand the system around you

  • Get the right tools to create impacts

  • Transform your projects and your organization

A design toolkit to make it real

The Circular Design Toolkit

This toolkit has been designed to help you understand, apply and implement projects and models that answer fundamental needs through system thinking and cooperation. Grasp the fundamentals of Circular Economy and Circular Design to take action that matters.

Understand circular design

Why should circular economy and design peform together? As the design stage determines 80% of a product’s environmental impact (the European Commission), To create positive impacts, everything must be regenerative by design.

Get the tools

First, check what you really need then explore the efficient business tools we have created to help you.
Training tools, strategic decision making tools and design tools, analyze, share and take action to reach your goals.

Take action and transform

Follow the Circulab method, used by thousands of change makers worldwide, to improve the viability and circularity of your organization by engaging your teams. Define the needs of the user, organization and system to solve complex challenges.

View projects carried out with the Circular design toolkit

Circulab experts have used the Circular design toolkit to transform projects and businesses:

Get trained!

Explore the training courses of the Circulab academy to get started on your circular journey, acquire the mindset, the knowledge and the skills to really make a difference.

Master Circular Design

Learn to create change and how to make positive impact with the Circulab toolbox and knowledge.

Design Circular Business Models

Create a profitable and sustainable business with Circular Economy principles and the Circular canvas

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