Circular economy courses for businesses and local authorities

Circular Economy in-company training courses for your teams

The ecological and economic transformation require a mindset shift from all involved actors. Training your employees on Circular Economy is the best way to develop their skills, while improving their motivation and involvement.

All our training courses are available as in-company format and can be held on your premises. We develop and adapt the content and the educational formats to your context and to your needs.

Practical and federating tailor-made programs

As a leading company for training, design and consulting in Circular Economy for the past 10 years, the Circulab team can build tailor-made training programs that fits the expectations and context of your organization, activity or industry.

Train your employees to master, powerful innovation and design tools, through real-world cases and benefit from an immediate operational implementation.

Our training courses are led by the Circulab team and our global community of certified industry experts and will give your teams the right tools, skills, inspiration and methods to take action.

circular econonmy training company


Circulab is a pioneer in circular economy / circular design and creates innovation and design tools powered by a global network of more than 100 experts.


Our games-based and learning by doing pedagogical approach provide an immediate application of the theoretical content.


We help strengthen the internal cohesion of your teams thanks to convivial tools that promote collective intelligence.


Each course is adapted to the challenges of your organization and held according to the date, format  and place of your choice.

A catalog of educational and collaborative training courses

Explore the programs created and led by Circulab and/or members of the Circulab community around the world. Each program is customizable according to your wishes and your activity. For the creation of a 100% tailor-made program around the themes of circular economy, regenerative economy, business and local authorities resilience, business systems design, circular and sustainable transformation contact us.

Activate Circular Economy

Activate Circular Economy

This initial course will allow your employees to discover the Circular Economy and how to activate it according to the needs of your organization.

Master Circular Design

Master Circular Design

With circular design and the Circular Canvas, your teams will learn how to create the products and services of tomorrow, which will be profitable and responsible.

Design circular business models

Design circular business models

This training course explains the basics of circular business design and how to design resilient and sustainable business models with positive impacts.

Improve business resilience

Improve business resilience

Using a serious game, create collective awareness within your organization that will lead to transformation.


Caroline Isidore-Weibel - Training program manager

I have had the chance to work with Circulab for three years as part of our training courses. The relevance of their tools and the accuracy of their pedagogy allows participants to leave with simple actions to set up quickly.


Narjes Kittar - Project Manager

We collaborated on the MED-Ina program. Circulab supported us in training pre-selected candidates in the use of circular canvas.
Justine also coached the shortlisted candidates in improving the circular approach of their projects. . All participants found this support very useful and relevant.
We have also received a debrief that will allow us to be attentive to the risks and opportunities of the 4 winning projects.


Geneviève Sengissen - Training program manager

We have worked with Circulab on training programs for adults, managers/engineers/consultants from all sectors. These programs aimed at the dissemination of good practices and the acquisition of practical and impactful skills for the ecological transition and the transformation of organizations towards a more sustainable and responsible business model. We have been able to implement new training models and sustainably integrate the ecological transition into our programs. This collaboration has been able to continue in the integration of these subjects into our degree programs.
The training trainees showed a high rate of satisfaction and highlighted the quality of the contents, the expertise and availability of the trainers, their ability to adapt to their audience, the immediate opportunity to put into practice the skills acquired.
In the end, this collaboration has allowed us and allows us to successfully implement and progress on issues of innovation and environmental responsibility. And it has contributed to the recognized excellence of our training.

Orange Business Services

Anne Ripaud - Designer

A very clear, very structured training course which clarified many different notions already studied elsewhere and gave us effective keys to support the necessary change internally.

Circulab is a certified training organization.

Let's build your in-company training course together

The in-company training courses provided by Circulab adapt to your industry and your training needs. As the creator of a proven method and tools recognized throughout the world and backed by a network of experts, our programs will enable your organization to accelerate the transition to regeneration through the Circular Economy.

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