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to create a regenerative future

Grasp the mindsets, acquire the skills, master the tools to solve complex modern probems and design the products and services of tomorrow.

Learn, practice and share within the Circulab academy.

Managers, designers, teachers, consultants...

Be a changemaker, join the academy!


Online learning

Study anytime and anywhere as part of a class, a schedule is set, but you will have plenty of time to learn



Access and learn how to use great tools that will really help you to get your projects on the go to circularity.



Our courses are cohort-based because we believe collaborative learning is the best way to study and solve problems


Have an impact

Our method and tools are for all businesses and careers. Transform your organization or help others get started.



Presenting real world challenges and solutions will inspire you and help you apply what you see

picto certification courses

Certificate Courses

The certificate of completion confirms your new skills and your commitment for Circular Economy.

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Take your first steps for circularity

Acquire the mindsets, the knowledge and get access to efficient tools to create the products and services of the future, begin the transition of your organization, or help your clients, towards the Circular Economy.


Master Circular Design

Understand systems thinking to rethink and redesign your products and services.

  • 30 hour online training course

  •  4 hours per week   (6 to 8 weeks)

  • Cohort-based course

  • English or French

  • Circulab catalyst certificate

About the course

The program was created by our experts to help you get started with circular economy and apply its principles in all your projects to initiate change.

  • Embrace Systems Thinking

  • Analyze value chains

  • Engage Stakeholders

  • Design circular business models

Build Up Your Super Powers

Pursue your circular journey with our super power courses. They will help you to deepen your understanding and explore new skills. Gain confidence as you unlock your creativity while designing circular projects the world of tomorrow.

biomimicry course

Design with Biomimicry

Learn from nature and natural systems to innovate for sustainability. This powerful method and its tools will help you solve your business challenges.

  • 16 hour training course

  • 4 weeks

  • Cohort-based course

  • English


Get More Super Powers

We are working on new traning programs with the amazing experts, to share with you more super powers and help you become a confident circular leader!

  • Interactive programs

  • Real world challenges

  • Cohort-based courses

  • Multilingual

Achieving Circular Economy together

We are all part of a complex system where everything is connected but which is today endangered.

We all have many impacts on our eco-systems, that we must rethink.

It starts with design.

Inspired by nature, Circular design aims to reduce resource consumption, improve resilience and regenerate living systems.

Worldwide, we are more and more working for circularity and the more we are, the closer we get to a real sustainable future. Join us!

A Trusted Method & Learning Experience

The Circulab academy was created by circular economy experts who have a long lasting experience in circular design, business consultancy and education.


Learn the basics of circularity and start back at the begining: with the fundamental needs of users, of the organization or of the system.

Appreciate the big picture to comprehend all impacts and remember how to listen to your common sense!


Acquire the knowledge to solve complex problems thanks to the circular design method and tools.

Create and co-create the most relevant solutions, products and services for every part of the system.


Make your idea real with such action-based learning program you will be guided all along the process.

Build your roadmap or prototype a solution, find support and encouragements within the academy.

Stephen Demange

Consulting Director, SQLI

Very insightful content and exercises with a step-by-step approach based on “learning by doing”. We are definitely looking forward to make use of our learnings to help our customers build their own paths towards circularity!

Fabrice Sorin

Consultant & Bradford Circular Economy MBA graduate
The Circulab toolkit is one of the best toolkits out there on circular economy transformation, regenerative design.
Highly intuitive and adaptable. Highly recommended.


Anne-France Mariacher

Enseignante, ESCP

Hands-on modules on ‘how to use the Circular canvas’, but offering much more : inspirations, tips & tricks… Everything needed to start a circular journey !

Popular Courses Starting Soon


Master Circular Design

Understand systems thinking and take action.

Next cohort September 2021

biomimicry course

Design with Biomimicry

Sustainable Innovation Inspired by Nature.

Next cohort November 2021

Circulab is a consulting agency and design studio committed to the circular and regenerative economy.

Circulab was created in 2012 with as goal the regeneration of natural and human ecosystems, in particular through economic activity. Since, the agency has built a set of tools and methods for designing with the circular economy, translated into 8 languages and already used by more than 50,000 professionals and students in France and worldwide.

Circulab helps leading groups (SULO, Orange, IMERYS ...), small businesses and towns (City of Paris, Aglo Seine-Eure) design strategies, economic models and products / services, inspired by living systems and by mobilizing collective intelligence.

Circulab is also a community of +80 consultants, universities and agencies trained and certified Circulab, who apply and distribute these methods on 5 continents (+20 countries).

Circulab is certified B Corporation and is part of the movement 1% For The Planet

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