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From linear to circular, rethink and redesign, acquire the mindsets, tools and skills to solve modern problems and transition to the Circular Economy.

Be the one to instigate change, be committed and learn how to create positive impact.

Understand the systems and take action

Circulab Academy Online Course


Online learning

Access the course anytime and anywhere. As part of a class, 30 hours of training spread over 6 to 8 weeks, a schedule is set, but don't worry you will have plenty of time to learn.


Share and Collaborate

Join an enthusiastic class with other learners, discuss and debate in the forum. Teachers online weekly for any questions.


Be inspired

Learn from real world challenges and enjoy effective tools that stimulate ideas and help you feel confident while achieving circularity.


Circulab Toolbox

Access and learn how to use great tools : Circular Canvas, Partner Map, Value Chain Canvas, Biomimicards... and many more ! Translated into 8 languages, these tools will get your projects on the go to circularity.



Once the elearning completed, get your certification as Circulab catalyst. This personal certification attests you master the Circulab tools in creative commons and can get the best of these tools.


Have an impact

One method relevant for all sectors and industries. For a more sustainable world, from your position, transform your organization : Corporate Strategy, Product Managers, Region administration, NGOs, HR, Education...

What our learners have to say

Stephen Demange

Consulting Director, SQLI

Very insightful content and exercises with a step-by-step approach based on a “learning by doing” philosophy. We are definitely looking forward to putting into practice our learnings to help our customers build their own path towards circularity!

Annabel Hary


I recommend this module which is absolutely necessary to think with a large point of view and to look further. It's a great tool which pushes you to give up the court-term solution: the solution of today could be the problem of tomorrow...

Anne-France Mariacher

Lecturer, ESCP

Hands-on modules on ‘how to use the Circular canvas’, but offering much more : inspirations, tips & tricks… Everything needed to start a circular journey !

Fabrice Sorin

Consultant & Bradford Circular Economy MBA graduate
The Circulab toolkit is one of the best toolkits out there on circular economy transformation, regenerative design.
Highly intuitive and adaptable. Highly recommended.



Digital Marketing Director, SQLI

An enlightening training that allows us to gain height on our missions and projects with appropriate tools… Thanks Circulab!

Online Learning Program

30 hours of training spread over 6 to 8 weeks


Understand and apply systems thinking

In today's world, we are aware that everything is connected and so we can not think things separately anymore.

With this first module, you will explore the mindset of systemic thinking and therefore be able to take action in the most relevant way.

  • Know how to map a system before starting any project

  • Raise your awareness of systems

  • Identify the main levers to redesign a system

Analyse a value chain with circularity

As understood in the previous module, in our interconnected systems, if one chain collapses, all the others face risks.

With this second module, you will learn how to embrace a clear view on how value is distributed amongst a market, evaluate ecosystems dependencies and design resilient value chains.

  • Identify business & regenerative opportunities

  • Check the resilience of your value chain

  • Anticipate systemic risks and threats

Circulab - nov2020

Facilitate cooperation between stakeholders

Designing new loops of value is only possible when involving all partners, all stakeholders on the long-term.

With this new module, discover and comprehend the Partner Map so as to identify the partners to bring together and establish the best hypothesis for shared value.

  • Identify the key stakeholders

  • Enable cooperation between all actors

  • Facilitate shared value creation

Analyse and design regenerative business models

The mission drives the organization in its strategy whereas, the business model frames how it creates value and manages resources.

With this module you will first be able to define the fundamental needs of the users and ecosystems, leading to better innovation.

Then you will learn to master the Circular Canvas and you will be able to take the right choices and design business models with positive impacts.

  • Analyse a business model with a holistic approach

  • Identify quickly the impacts of a business model

  • Optimise actual resources and create new revenues

Lifetime Access

30 day money back guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority so if you are not happy with the course we will give you your money back...

But we are confident that you will love it.


Circular Design Course

With this course, acquire the mindsets, the skills and all the Circulab tools!

Join the next class starting in May 2021

  • Access all modules anytime, anywhere

  • Dedicated forum for 1 year

  • Access to the Circulab mapping tools and guides

  • Understand systemic thinking

  • Get the best from the Circulab toolbox

  • Cohort Collaboration

  • Available in English (French coming in April 2021)

  • 50% discount for students and job seekers, to get a coupon, contact us.

1 000 €
excl. VAT


Meet the Teachers

The program was created by circular economy experts, connect with them for more information or any questions.


Brieuc Saffré is specialized in circular economy and innovation through business models. He co-founded Circulab, a Circular Design Agency in 2012, where he works with large groups such as IKEA, L’Oreal and Interface or SMEs. He also co-founded Agripolis in 2016 and is the author of several books including Activate the circular economy. Brieuc is a regular lecturer in schools like Polytechnique and ENSCI.

Brieuc Saffré - Co-founder & CEO - Circulab

Creativity expert and real change-maker, Justine Laurent graduated in International Management and Innovation in Chile and in Spain. She co-developed the Circulab method and applies it daily by working with clients like Plastic Omnium Environment or the City of Paris. She is a also a regular lecturer for ENSCI and HEC.

Justine Laurent - Managing Director - Circulab

Circulab is a consulting agency and design studio committed to the circular and regenerative economy.

Circulab was created in 2012 with as goal the regeneration of natural and human ecosystems, in particular through economic activity.

Since, the agency has built a set of tools and methods for designing with the circular economy, translated into 8 languages and already used by more than 50,000 professionals and students in France and worldwide.

Circulab helps leading groups (SULO, Orange, IMERYS ...), very small businesses and towns (City of Paris, Aglo Seine-Eure) design their strategies, economic models and products / services, inspired by living systems and by mobilizing collective intelligence.

Circulab is also a community of +80 consultants, universities and agencies trained and certified Circulab, who apply and distribute these methods on 5 continents (+20 countries).

Circulab is certified B Corporation and is part of the movement 1% For The Planet

Stay tuned !

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