How to train teams to create value with the circular economy?

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Type of project : Training
Country: France
Type of organization: Company
Line of business: Digital and IT
Tools used : Circular Canvas;Partner Map; Value Chain Canvas

Orange is a private French company specialized in telecommunications that operates both nationally and internationally.

Case study: Orange


Orange has chosen the Circulab Academy to help its teams integrate environmental issues, explore the concept of systems thinking and learn the fundamentals of systems thinking.


To pursue its commitments, Orange wanted to integrate sustainability and resilience issues into its design methods.


To enable all teams to better understand the current issues and challenges related to the circular economy concept, several training sessions were proposed. The Master Circular Design training program has been adapted to the telecommunications sector.


Key points

The different training sessions were organized as follows:

  • Exploring the concept of systems thinking

  • Analysis of a value chain

  • Identification of stakeholders to facilitate future collaborations

  • Designing a regenerative business model

  • Discovery of the basics of business resilience to evolve decision criteria


Since September 2020, a total of 120 people have been trained.


Also, the method transmitted during the training sessions has been implemented on several projects and internal design tutorials (reuse of phones, design of new services…).

A very clear and structured training that clarifies various notions already learned and gives us effective keys to support the necessary internal change.

Anne Ripaud

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